Having Trouble Establishing a Consistent Practice?

Some people struggle with becoming consistent with their practice. This is not unusual, particularly when you are new. But, if you want real benefit or a big boost towards achieving your goals, then locking in consistency is important.

Scientists have said that the earth exists in a Goldilocks zone. That means that everything is perfectly maintained for life to exist. The temperatures stay within a certain range so life can survive. There is enough water. But for life to thrive, our earth mother must be consistent. Can you imagine what would happen if our earth cycles became erratic?

If we want our lives to grow we have to provide an environment for growth, just as the earth must provide the environment for life. When you chant consistently, you create the environment needed for your life to grow.

If the earth became erratic, our lives would be enveloped in chaos. That chaos happens in our lives when we are all over the map, chanting, quitting for a while, and then starting again. When you chant consistently, your life takes a strong upward path. But when you are inconsistent, you allow yourself to fall backward and you’ll  get the inconsistent benefits.

How to Become Consistent

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1. Set a strong determination that you are fed up with the way your life has been and you are going to change it.
2. Chant to be willing to become consistent.
3. Tie your chanting time to another activity, such as eating breakfast. Establish the habit of chanting right after you eat breakfast every day.
4. Set a goal that you are going to chant once a day. Then hold yourself to it. If you suddenly remember you forgot, don’t let yourself go to bed until you have chanted at least five minutes.
5. When you wake up[ late, chant at least three Nam-myoho-renge-kyos before you go out the door. If you feel like skipping, challenge yourself to chant just a little.  Don’t let your negative side win that small battle.
6. Keep on keeping on. If you forget, don’t be discouraged. Just pick yourself up and start over. Be gentle with yourself. Learning a new habit takes time.
7. Make yourself accountable to another person, if necessary. Have them remind you and then report back to them when you have chanted. Discuss  any issues which are preventing you from chanting.

8. Attend meetings. You will be reminded of why you practice and encouraged by experiences.
9. Read a paragraph out of something Buddhist, every day. It’s another habit, but you will find that even small amounts of study add up over time, so you develop more understanding of what you are doing. I would recommend Buddhism Day by day,

or For Today and Tomorrow, Daily Encouragement book.  As you can see these are my well thumbed books.

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Congratulations for taking on the challenge. Establishing consistency in practice is the first step of your human revolution .   Congratulations, your decision and follow through will allow your life to begin to fly

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