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A man rides a rising arrow over the word Barrier, symbolizing the ability to overcome an obstacle on the way to success

Do You Know How You Set Up Barriers to What You Want?

 Transcript download: How we get in our way I think one of the important Buddhist concepts is the oneness of self and environment. This means that we and our environment are not separate but rather our outer life circumstances arise from internal causes, our thoughts, and then manifest in the outer world. . This, […]

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Universe scene with planets, stars and galaxies in outer space showing the beauty of space exploration. Elements furnished by NASA

What is “Being in Rhythm” With the Universe?

Buddhism teaches philosophical concepts, which, when you really study them, I believe are teaching us universal laws, or how the universe works. For example, one of them is the simultaneity of cause and effect. We are taught that when we create a cause through thinking, speaking or acting we have set a seed in our […]

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Asheville, North Carolina, USA - May 23, 2014: A frustrated looking young woman confronts a large oak tree that has fallen across the road blocking her way

Did You Know There Are Ten Internal Hindrances to Buddhist Practice?

When we become practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, we take on the task of liberating ourselves from suffering. We also commit to helping others do the same. In this way we align ourselves with the positive forces of the universe. Both fundamental darkness and fundamental enlightenment reside in every persons life.  Fundamental darkness, negativity, it is […]

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Female hand outstretched with the word 'Karma' floating away amongst a stream of sparkles on a dark blue swirling background with a swirl of green light behind the glitter

Are You Chanting for Benefit or to Change Karma?

There comes a time in our practice, probably after chanting for a number of years, when we are faced with a particularly difficult obstacle or challenge and we begin to notice we have been here in this position before, possibly many times.  Maybe you never have enough money and even though you get it, before […]

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Winner Man On Mountain Top

What Does the Life State of Buddhahood Look Like? # 2 of 2

If you are living in the life state of Buddhahood, you aren’t different from any other ordinary person. You’re like everyone in that you will continue to have your unique personality and interests and abilities. But other things will be different. You will base your life more of the time on the universal side of […]

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You Can Change Your Life Condition Easily

In the last post I discussed the Ten Worlds so you could have an overview of the different internal life conditions you experience every day. You can see that they range from the lower worlds, which are negative, to the higher more positive worlds. Each of the worlds contains the potentials of all the others, […]

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