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6 Steps to Making Personal Changes When Chanting for a Goal

Setting a Goal When we envision a goal, chant about it, and embark on it, we don’t usually know what it will require of us. We are excited. Reality Sets In It’s when we start to take action, that the reality of what it is going to take sets in. We discover what we are […]

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How to Use Your Mind, When Trying to Achieve a Goal

We have to handle our minds a certain way when trying to bring a goal to fruition. In this post I am going to discuss the way to do this. Connecting With Formless, Energetic Potential When we chant we are told we tap our Buddha nature, our connection with the universe. So what are we […]

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Surprising News: Complacency Is the Biggest Threat to Buddhist Practice

Complacency is one of the biggest obstacles to our Buddhist practice and it is a hard obstacle to recognize. It is insidious, creeping up on us while we are unaware of what is happening. Complacency is seductive. It is self-satisfaction, the lure to relax, enjoy instant gratification, and stop pushing. But there is a price. […]

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Are You chanting While Focusing on Obstacles or the End goal?

When chanting for a goal, we often focus on the obstacles to reaching it. This happens because we are worried about them, or they seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, when we chant while focusing on the obstacles, we are inadvertently using the law of cause and effect to produce what we don’t want. Set the Seed Cause […]

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5 Steps to Develop Inner Stability

You can learn how to navigate agitated feelings, when blindsided by life, to maintain stability in the face of shocks. Many people feel flung about by their feelings when confronting an obstacle. Usually they are talking about despair, suffering, anxiety and depression. These can take over when faced with an obstacle that seems impossible to […]

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Here is a Method for Mastering Your Mind

Our Thoughts Influence Everything President Ikeda, the foremost proponent of this form of Buddhism in the world, says in his book Faith into Action that positive thoughts take form in reality, creating positive results, where pessimistic thoughts take form and produce negative results. This principle doesn’t apply to an isolated thought here or there, but […]

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