Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness

Practical Modern Day Buddhism (PDF)

What if you knew that the path to happiness was your birthright and given the right set of tools you could be happy most of the time even when life is most challenging? How would your life be different or better? What pain would you let go?

Of course most of us want to be happier, but how?

In this book, Margaret Blaine, author and teacher of Nichiren Buddhism, provides a very clear guide to happiness regardless of your circumstances. Nichiren Buddhism s is a form of modern Buddhism uniquely geared to the 21st century. Through a story of real world people with real struggles you’ll see how Buddhist philosophy and practices can help you get unstuck and provide you with an opportunity to become happier.

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Stepping Stones

A Guide to Buddhist Practice

What are people saying?

“I wish I’d had this workbook when I was starting! It’s excellent for beginners and experienced members both, a great tool. I highly recommend it…” – Bonnie S.

“Stepping Stones is a perfect field guide for understanding the practice of Nichiren Buddhism.   Each step will take you down the path of self-discovery. You’ll learn how to work together with the universe for remarkable results.” – Cat. S.

“Practical, grounded in daily life but attuned tot he complexities of Buddhist philosophy, this workbook is an essential guide to a vibrant and committed practice.”- C. Zahnow

Do you need to resolve difficult issues in your life?  What changes do you want to make?

This workbook provides a step-by-step path to a proven Buddhist path, geared to the 21st century lifestyle, which allows anyone to take their life into their own hands and become happy.

Through using a simple chant, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, 12 million people around the world have discovered how to:

  • Challenge and overcome personal problems
  • Succeed at tackling the problems of daily life
  • Make major life changes successfully
  • Find peace of mind
  • Become absolutely happy

Try this prove-it-to-yourself practice and discover through your own actual experience that you can live a victorious, happy life.  Start the adventure now.

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