About Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist


About Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist


Welcome to my website. I am Margaret Blaine

If you are new, I’m delighted that you have decided to look into this form of Buddhism.  If you are experienced, I hope you will find the posts on my blog/vlog useful. I want to tell you something about myself so you will see why I have created this website. I call myself the Practical Buddhist, as I have found this form of Buddhism immensely practical.  It can transform your life.

A New Path

I used to be a counselor. Often I wondered if there was anything  which could enable people to become happy without fail.

In 1994, I was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism and went to meetings to learn about the philosophy and  daily chanting practice. There I heard the experiences of hundreds of people who were experienced practitioners. Through their stories I realized with delight that:

• lives, which had been stuck, had moved forward.

• people had overcome obstacles and problems in all areas of life including relationship problems, mental health issues, illness, financial problems, work problems, and family issues.

• they had successfully surmounted major transitions in their lives.

• they had achieved goals they had never thought possible.

• they had gradually shifted into the perfect life niche for them.

• their lives had become happy

I was galvanized. Maybe I had found what I’d been looking for during my life as a counselor! But still new, I had to prove it to myself. In the next few years, as I used the practice and developed my writing skills, my own life moved into the perfect niche for me. It became richly satisfying just as promised.

I realized I had discovered a practical path, where you can learn how to take the direction of life in your own hands and successfully  surmount obstacles in life and become absolutely happy. That is the goal of Buddhism, unshakeable happiness. This is the kind of happiness that comes from deep inside and does not depend on outside circumstances.

You don’t have to believe anything to begin. You might ask, “Don’t you need to have faith?”  Faith develops as you surmount one challenge after another. You don’t have to believe anything to begin, as this is a prove-it-to-yourself practice.

Why I Set Up This Website

I have a passion to share this practice.  I believe if we had happy people in this world we would have a peaceful world. So I decided to set up this website to show how anyone can use this practical way of life to deal with the problems and prospects of daily life and become happy. I support  newcomers in starting to practice.

I have found that many issues arise as we awaken the Buddha within. This is a place where you can explore those issues. I hope you will make comments so we can develop a community.


I practice within the SGI organization.  But on this website, I do not represent the SGI.  My opinions are my own.

You Can Contact Me

Please feel free to ask questions about Buddhism.  I’ll do my best to answer them from a Buddhist perspective. I’d also be interested in your experiences. If you have a personal concern you can e-mail me through the website at margaret@margaretmember.wpengine.com and I will answer you privately. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all.