6 Ways to Grow a Consistent Practice

Establishing a consistent daily chanting practice is the key to achieving the benefits of practice. It is never easy to establish a new habit or change a routine, but if you are persistent, in a short time it will seem natural as though you have been doing it forever.

In this post I ‘m going to give you six practical pointers on how to establish a consistent practice.

Connect Chanting With Something Else

You are establishing a new habit. Make it easy. Tie chanting to something else you do every day like eating breakfast. Once you’ve had your coffee and are more awake, then go and chant before doing anything else.

Chant About a Goal

Don’t you have something you really want to happen in your life? Maybe you have put it on hold. This is the time to dust off that goal and chant about it a few minutes a day. When there is something you really want, you will be more motivated to chant.

Watch What Happens

Watch what happens during your day when you chant and when you don’t.  Do you see a difference? I suspect that when you see how much better things go during the days when you’ve chanted, you’ll be motivated to chant.

Consistency Gets Results

Do you want to see the benefits of chanting? I’m sure you started because you wanted those results, and this is the way to get them. Fair weather chanting simply doesn’t achieve the kinds of results seen with a consistent practice. When reluctant to chant remind yourself that you want the benefits.

Chant for a Short Period

Chant 5-10 minutes a day at first. This is a short enough time to fit around anyone’s busy schedule. But it will allow you to see the benefit of practice.

Chant with Someone Else

Sometimes it is easier to be consistent when you have a commitment to meet someone else at a certain time. You won’t want to let them down. And you will make a new friend. Some practitioners have a regular chanting group, where everyone has become good friends. Catching up before and after they chant together is very enjoyable. Social supports, such as this, create an environment which confirms and encourages what you are doing.

Establishing a new habit is hardest at the beginning.  But if you are persistent shortly it will be part of your lifestyle, something you do without thinking about it.

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