How to Banish Doubt & Create What You Want

I’ve had a question about how to handle doubt.
Why does doubt come up and often remain persistent?

We have two sides. Our human side and our spiritual side. Our human side is taught from babyhood to use the rational mind and use our senses to look to our circumstances to determine what we believe is possible. Our cultures support this point of view.
Our human side was born into a three-dimensional world, where there is a timeline of past, present and future.

Our spiritual side operates with entirely different laws. It operates from consciousness itself where everything is in the eternal Now. It uses the imagination, which is not constrained by the senses. There is no timeline at this level of the mind for everything occurs Now.
When you set a goal it happens simultaneously at this level of consciousness even though you can’t yet see it on the time line of our three dimensional world.

You are being asked to make a shift, to let go of what you’ve been taught to be true on your human side determining what is possible through the evidence of the senses and to stop identifying with your human side of ( your name). You know that within your body is that universal consciousness which creates everything, your Buddha nature.
Rather we’re being asked instead to identify with what we fundamentally are, that universal consciousness itself, the 9th
level of mind, the level of the Mystic Law. When you think about it you know you are that. It looks out through your eyes, it is the awareness, that we all possess. We are one with the evolutionary consciousness that built the universe and have the same generative capacities. This state of consciousness, which you’re one with, does the work when you set a goal.

The (your name) human side will have certain limitations. In order to go beyond those limitations when we set a goal, we have to set aside our belief in those limitations and expand our consciousness further to incorporate that goal.

The challenge, when we set a goal, is to believe and have the faith that it is already accomplished when our human senses and reason say that is not the case. We have to stand on the rock of faith which is built by having repeated experiences of overcoming one obstacle after another.

Doubts are like the waves of the ocean tossed about by the wind. They arise because on our human side, there is a period of time, from our setting of the goal to the time of its fruition.
The challenge is to keep our thoughts and beliefs in alignment with our goal, when all of our senses are denying it has already happened. Our imagination coupled with the consciousness of NMRK creates reality. When we sit in front of the Gohonzon we are envisioning, imagining, our goal as done.

So how can we banish doubt. Give yourself an experience of your goal being realized. Imagine what it would look like,
sound like, feel like. Imagine it happening, as though it is already happening.

For example let’s say you want a new car. Imagine yourself getting into the car, smelling the new car smell, turning the key, feeling the wind in your face, smelling gasoline. Imagine a trip in your new car, what you would see and hear. How would you feel as you turn the key the first time. Make it as detailed and real as possible as though you’re already driving that car.

Let’s say you want a certain type of experience. Imagine what it would feel like, the details of it and live in it in your imagination.
We tend to look at our goals as though we are an observer and the goal is in the future. When we see it like that, guess what, it will remain in the future.
You may find that your thoughts revert to the old way of doing things over and over. When you become aware of it, just bring them back to viewing your goal as already done and eventually they will do what you say.

1. We have two sides, the human and the spiritual
2. The human side works through reason and the senses, the spiritual side through the imagination.
3. When setting a goal, you must shift from your human side to your spiritual side and imagine it is already done and you are having the experience of it.
4. When your thoughts go back to looking at it as though it is in the future, return them to the experience of the goal happening now.
5. Banish doubt by experiencing your goal in imagination as already happening.
6. Bring your thoughts back to it each time they stray to seeing your goal in the future, and bring them back to having an experience of it in the present.
To set a goal that will take you beyond your present capacity, you want to leave behind your current problem or limitation by turning your attention away from it. When we look at our circumstances we are reentering the limitations which hold us where we’ve been..
Then remind yourself that you are this universal consciousness, you are “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Feel yourself to be that. This will allow you to function from your spiritual side, where you have no limitations.

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