A Different Sort of Religion

Your Happiness is the Goal

Nichiren Buddhism does not have a priesthood or an identifiable architecture. The trappings of religion have been let go. The focus is on building the happiness of you, the practitioner. The primary way to grasp this Buddhism is through the life experiences of each individual not through the opinions of a learned priesthood.

Groups have monthly discussion meetings where practitioners study the writings of Nichiren Daishonin and other leaders to learn about Buddhist philosophy, and share experiences. In these meetings Buddhism is put to the test. If its teachings are true, then the practitioners can overcome obstacles to happiness. The experiences and stories shared by practitioners manifest the truth of the teachings, as practitioners recount their stories of overcoming obstacles in their lives. These discussion meetings are now available in 192 countries around the world.

Practitioners give support to one another as they engage with the practice and make changes in their lives. This religion empowers each person to actively take charge of their spiritual and material destiny.

A Religion for Daily Life

Religion and life are not split in this form of Buddhism. This Buddhism addresses the issue of whether you are winning in the daily life struggle. You don’t go somewhere else to practice this religion. You practice daily in your home, addressing the problems of daily life. Through working out the problems to your happiness through religious practice, this religion becomes accountable to the life of each practitioner. Does it lead you to happiness, or not?

In the process of using the practice to overcome obstacles and achieve challenges, you develop the perception and characteristics of a Buddha.

Nichiren Buddhism is a new way of being religious