Are We There Yet: Closing in on Your Goal

Build the Energy to Attract Your Goal

When you first start to chant for a goal you are just starting to build the energy which will bring that goal to you. It takes a while to build the energy so that events begin to move forward. Be consistent in your chanting. As you continue to chant every day you will see events begin to appear moving in the direction of your goal.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Let’s say you are looking for a job. Initially you chant and put in applications. Then you might find jobs you would be particularly well suited for but they are not yet ready to be filled. Steps must be taken first. For example, maybe the job hasn’t been posted yet or internal interviews have to happen before people outside the office are notified. The jobs are tantalizingly on the horizon but not yet ready to become final.

Be Encouraged By Steps of Progress

The next step forward takes place when you have interviews. Maybe the interviewer tells you they have a number of other people to interview as well. But you still are one step closer. Keep chanting for what you want. Keep your eye on the goal, not on your fears. You want to create what you want, not what you don’t want.

An employer may call you but for one reason or another the opportunity doesn’t exactly fit your criteria. You’ve landed a job but it isn’t quite going to work. This is a step forward and you should be encouraged. Remember to keep chanting until you achieve your goal.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember to look for the steps of progress. You are too involved with the goal itself. When this happens it is helpful to have a more objective practitioner to remind you that you are making progress.


Finally one day you receive a job offer that is really right for you. Congratulations. You have achieved your goal.

Steps Towards Finalizing a Goal

  • Chant every day consistently with your goal in mind. Build the energy which will bring your goal to you.
  • Note the early steps of movement toward your goal.
  • Be encouraged when each step forward occurs even though you haven’t achieved the goal.
  • Get encouragement from an experienced practitioner.
  • ┬áCelebrate finalizing your goal.
  • Set a new goal

“Are We There Yet; Closing In On Your Goal”, (C) Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist

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