The Ten Worlds

The ten worlds are one of the basic concepts of Buddhism. They represent inner states of life within each of us, rather than actual physical places. Each of us experience these inner states throughout the day. They range from hell to Buddhahood.

The Six Lower Worlds

We experience the lower six worlds when we react to things which happen in our everyday lives.

1-The lowest is  Hell, stuck, misery.

2 –The world of Hunger or unfulfilled desires or cravings

3-The world of Animality, the world of instincts where the strong prey on the weak, without morality or wisdom, law of the jungle

4-The world of Anger, excessive pride, arrogance, angry a a lot

5-The world of Humanity a neutral, calm state where desires and impulses are moderated with with reason

6-The world of Rapture, the temporary joy of achieving some desire or being released from suffering

The Four Higher Worlds

The four higher worlds are not reactive but proactive. You have to make an effort to do something to enter these worlds.

7 -The world of Learning – learning from others.

8 -The world of Realization – discovery from personal experience, the ah-ha experience

9-The world of Bodhisattva, compassion, working for the happiness of oneself and others.

10–The world of Buddhahood, a state of absolute happiness, perfect freedom and deep wisdom, enlightened to the true nature of life, working to relieve the suffering of people