Buddha Nature

Shakayamuni Buddha taught 2500 years ago.  Close to the end of his life he felt was his highest teaching, the Lotus Sutra.  In it he taught that within the core of each person is an enlightened level of life, a universal level of life.  It is called our Buddha nature.

Daisaku Ikeda,is  the foremost proponent of this form of Buddhism today. In his book Life, An Enigma, a Precious Jewel, he says, “In the innermost depths of all beings, there is the primal life-force and it causes living beings to live.  The same force supports inorganic matter and works it into the harmonies and rhythms of the great cosmic existence.  In Buddhism it is called the Mystic Law.’  “It is what is called God in other religions, but it is different from God in that it is perfectly immanent in the cosmos and human life.  It is not a force outside the cosmos but is the cosmos itself.”

That universal energy is creative, unlimited, and is not bound by any circumstance. It embodies a deep wisdom, compassion, life force and unshakeable happiness. This means that at the core of our lives we have those same capacities so at our core we are a divine spiritual being, living a physical  human life.

Through a chant, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, we can connect with the Buddha nature within and bring out those qualities to use in everyday life.

We tend to believe that we don’t have these capacities. This is an illusion and one we must overcome before we can be consciously aware that we are, in fact, enlightened, light beings.