Cause and Effect

Cause & Effect is Impartial

In Buddhism, the law of cause and effect is an impartial law, which operates in the depths of our lives. It covers past, present and future existences and it operates whether we have an understanding of it or not.

Setting a Seed

The Lotus Flower ( renge) is the symbolic representation of the law of cause and effect in our lives. It is unique in the plant kingdom as it both seeds and blooms simultaneously. Like that, when you think or act today you have set a seed in your life which, without fail, will manifest as an effect in your future when the conditions are right.

Thus past actions have created causes, both good and bad, which are manifesting in your present life today. The causes you make today will manifest as effects sometime in the future. Not only will they manifest in your future but they will determine your future. We never fail to receive an effect for our actions, whether they be good or bad.

This means that each of us is fully responsible for the conditions of our lives and whether you are happy or unhappy is the reflection of the good and bad causes accumulated in your life.

Your Life’s in Your Hands

This is a philosophy of great empowerment. Since we have created our present circumstances, then we can consciously use this law in our favor and create good causes in the present to manifest as positive effects in the future.