Chanting But Feel You Aren’t Receiving Answers from the Universe?

Many people feel as though they are chanting for a goal but they aren’t receiving answers. If this is the case with you, here are some things to consider. Today we are going to discuss how answers come to us and the ways we dismiss them.

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How Answers Come

An Idea Comes While Chanting

Answers can come in many different forms. You might get an idea while you are chanting. What do you do with idea? Do you find yourself second guessing the answer? This is easy to do. The first answer has come from the intuition but then the next thought will probably be the intellect questioning it. We have to pay attention to the first thought and not pay attention to the second. The intuition comes to you directly from the Mystic Law. It’s easy to ignore thoughts that flit by so quickly. But you need to become very alert when you are chanting and waiting for an idea about something. Pay attention to anything that comes to you on the topic you are chanting about.

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Feel an Internal Nudge to Go One Direction or Another?

An answer might come from a subtle, light internal nudge to do something. You have this feeling you should do something. You may not have a good reason for doing it, as the universe works behind the scenes and doesn’t always tell us why doing something is important. Faith is trusting the invisible. .An internal nudge is one of those invisible indicators leading you. If you have a nudge, follow up with it.

Just Know Something without Question?

Have you ever had a feeling an absolute knowing that something was going to be done? That knowing is another example of the intuition communicating with you. When you absolutely know that something is right or is going to happen or should be done, pay attention. Don’t second guess yourself and talk yourself out of it.

Answers Come thru Other People

Sometimes we are chanting about something and nothing much comes during our chanting time but might come to us through something a friend says. If you are paying attention, because you are chanting about the topic, you will hear it.

Answers Come Through the Written Word

People have had the experience of having a book fall off a library shelf with the exact thing they needed to hear. Or perhaps you might pick up an article and there is your answer.



Answers come Through Meaningful Coincidences

Answers can come through surprising meaningful coincidences we call synchronicities. Events seem related although this may be only in the mind of the person chanting about that topic. You
just know that the coincidence isn’t accidental. Pay attention. Remember you are chanting about that topic.

How Talk Ourselves Out of These Communications

We Make Assumptions

We talk ourselves out of taking action on the answers by assuming we know where they are going to lead, – and it may not be where we want to go. For ex, a young woman who was chanting to know her life’s mission. She received an idea to take a certain course at the local community college. She talked herself out of it by assuming she probably wouldn’t be interested. In this way she dismissed the whole idea. When she was encouraged to take the course and did so, her life took off. It was the answer she was looking for.

We Second Guess What We’re Getting

The intellect is really good at sesecond-guessinghat we get from the intuition. It will tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t take action. We tend to listen to the intellect because it speaks more loudly, is a familiar and speaks the beliefs of our culture.. It comes close behind the quiet, intuitive voice and drowns it out. We have to learn pay attention to the intuitive voice and ignore that intellectual voice.


We Dismiss Idea Because We Can’t see The Direction

We resist taking action because we can’t see where we are going. That’s all right. When we are following the guidance of the intuition we may not see more than a couple of steps on the path. Take the first step in faith, knowing you will only see to the next corner. Then the next step will be given. We don’t need to see where we are going, just trust that intuitive voice.

We dismiss the Idea Becauses Only See Obstacles

We don’t move forward because our rational mind looks at our circumstances and only sees the obstacles, so we don’t believe our goal can be reached. Often we are told we are not being realistic. But since we are on a spiritual path, we have to keep our eye firmly on the goal and not worry about what appears to be real in our circumstances. That is the illusion. The reality is the universe is working behind the scenes and will find a way around the obstacle.

We dismiss the Idea Because of Grappling with Fears

We don’t listen and take action because we would be afraid of taking the next step. If the next step is out of our comfort zone. we rationalize our way out of it, giving ourselves reasons why not to move forward.
When we chant about something, we have started to walk in the spiritual world, where different rules apply. We have to learn to ignore what our cultural training tells us and trust that our connection with the Mystic Law will guide us accurately.


Today we looked at the question of how we receive answers when we chant about something. We looked at the way answers come:
1. An idea comes while chanting
2. We feel a nudge to do something.
3. The knowing
4. Answers come through other people
5. Answers come through the written word
6. Answers come through surprising, mmeaningful coincidences

How do we ignore or talk ourselves out of these answers?
1. By making assumptions we know what is going to happen.
2. By second guessing what we are getting
3. By rationalizing ourselves out of it.
4. Can’t see the path so don’t start
5. We only see the obstacles and take our eye off the prize.
6. Let our fears dictate whether we take action

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