How Do I Set A Goal?

There are different ways that you can set a goal. The following guidelines will allow you to be effective.

Set a positive goal

For example let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. You don’t chant to lose the 20 pounds. Instead, chant to weigh your goal weight. Let’s say you’ve developed a health problem. Chant for perfect health. You want to envisign the end in mind, what you want to have happen.

Be specific About What You Want

Sometimes people are surprised at the idea of being specific. That usually comes from a belief that you couldn’t actually achieve a specific goal. Just remember that a vague goal will produce vague results.

Make a Determination

Chant with a conviction that says, “This goal is going to happen no matter what!” This conviction announces to the universe that you are serious. If you chant with hope, but without conviction, then you are telling the universe that you believe the outcome is in doubt. The universe is going to mirror your degree of faith in the result. If you are determined, you will have good results. If you are halfhearted in faith, the results will reflect that.

See Your Goal as Completed

This is harder than you might think, particularly if you are chanting for a goal that is a stretch. If you are like most people you may have negative thoughts come up. One of the keys is to pull your mind out of your fears and doubts every time this happens. The universe will reflect what you dwell on, so you want to chant for what you want not for what you don’t want.

Don’t Try to Figure out how the Goal is going to be Achieved.

All you are responsible for is setting your preferred outcome. The universe is responsible for plotting the map for getting there. Pay attention to ideas which come for steps to take towards your goal.

When you chant regarding a goal you are communicating with the universe. Then the response comes in the form of ideas for steps to take towards your goal.

Take Action on the Ideas You Receive

Action is the second half of the equation. Ideas will come to you and it is up to you to follow through with putting them into action. After all you are in the material world and this is where your goal will work itself out.

Chant until you achieve your goal

If you have a goal that could take weeks or months to work itself out, make sure you have the support of experienced practitioners. You can find them by going to    Look to the right for Find US.  Then put in your zip code.

You can also come to my Blog where we will be discussing issues that come up around chanting and you can ask questions.

“How To Set a Goal”, © Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist

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