What kinds of Goals Can I Set?

What Can I chant For?

You can chant about anything. You can chant for money, the solution to a relationship problem, clarity about a decision you must make, to have a safe trip, to protect someone. You can chant for world peace or enlightenment. Anything which comes up in your life is grist for the mill.

I chant for ideas of what to put on this website. My husband chanted for solutions to construction problems when we were remodeling our house. What people chant for is as varied as their problems and challenges.

Spirituality and Daily Life

Sometimes people are surprised that they can chant for material goals. That doesn’t seem spiritual. If you’ve grown up in western culture, you’ve probably been raised with the idea that denying yourself is the spiritual route.

Nichiren Buddhists believe that faith and daily life are intertwined, one and the same. You don’t have to isolate yourself to develop spiritually. Spirituality grows only through using your faith in daily life. There is a Buddhist concept which says that our outer life circumstances manifest from inside ourselves. So using the practice to change ourselves, surmount obstacles and make our lives work is where we grow spiritually and show proof of faith in daily life.

Activate the Life State of Buddhahood

Daily life provides the arena where using your faith you engage with, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals. Through this process you are going to awaken to the knowledge that you have a Buddha Nature, an internal state of absolute freedom, happiness, deep wisdom and great compassion, which will allow you to handle anything in life. When you base your life on the Mystic Law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, daily life provides the opportunities to learn to use your practice to activate the enlightened life state of Buddhahood, or unshakeable happiness in your life.

“What Kinds of Goals Can I Set?” (C) Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist

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