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What is Happiness?

Are you struggling with life, and personal issues, unsure why you’re here, and not feeling happy?

To a Buddhist, happiness is not just a matter of feeling contented or feeling wonderful after getting something you want. As wonderful as this kind of happiness is, it is temporary happiness and doesn’t last.

To establish absolute, or unshakeable happiness, you can learn to tap the happiness which arises from an enlightened level of life within you, your Buddha Nature. This kind of happiness is not influenced by outward events.

A Path to Unshakeable Happiness, Enlightenment

Nichiren Buddhism is a practical way to connect with your enlightened nature, to take hold of your life and start moving it in the direction you want to go. It is perfectly suited to the fast paced world we live in today with work and family responsibilities.

Through a simple, daily chanting practice, your whole life will come into rhythm with the creative power, compassion, happiness and wisdom which reside within you.  When you tap it, you can open up your life to fully use your potential and become happy.

What Can You Expect from Chanting?

1. A way to overcome issues of all kinds, personal and family problems, relationship, financial, and work issues, health challenges.

2. A way to overcome obstacles

3. A way to successfully achieve your goals.

4. A way to connect with your life purpose.

5. A way to become happy.

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