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Happiness – for many of us it is elusive, sometimes coming and going at will! Certainly happiness is something most of us would like to have more of in our lives.  In this workbook, Margaret Blaine, author and teacher of Nichiren Buddhism, provides a very clear guide to becoming happier regardless of your circumstances.

Step-by-step, Stepping Stones will show you how to use this modern from of Buddhism so you can take your life into your own hands.  In addition to Buddhist philosophy, you’ll discover the exact concepts, resources, and activities that will you support you on your journey to a more fulfilling life

You will learn:

  • The amazing benefits of chanting.
  • How to establish a chanting practice.
  • How to make major life changes successfully.
  • How to shift out of negative internal states at will.
  • How to turn negative situations into positive ones.
  • How to easily overcome personal and relationship problems.
  • How to find inner peace, unshakeable happiness and a clear path towards enlightenment.

Find out for yourself what 12 million practitioners around the globe who practice will tell you: there is a path to happiness! Order a copy of this spiritual self-help book today and get started on an adventure which will transform your life.

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“I wish I had this workbook when I started.  It’s a great tool, excellent for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.” Bonnie S

“Stepping Stones is a perfect field guide for understanding the practice of Nichiren Buddhism.  Each step guides you into self-discovery. Learn how to work with the universe for remarkable results.”  Cat S

“Practical and grounded in daily life, this workbook is an essential guide to a vibrant and committed practice.” Carla Z

Download Stepping Stones $12.95