Why is Consistency Important?

Be Consistent to Receive Maximum Benefit

Consistency in daily practice lays the foundation for everything else. When you were first introduced to chanting you were told that this is a twice daily practice. Sometimes this kind of consistent follow through is hard for new people but it is well worth making the effort to establish the habit. You need to understand why it is important.

You are chanting to overcome some obstacle or problem in your life or to achieve some goal, something you want. If you don’t chant consistently, such as skipping a session because you’re too busy or don’t feel like chanting, you’ll get a hit or miss result. You may not see much movement forward towards your goal. Inconsistent chanting produces inconsistent results as the universe reflects back to you what you are putting out.

With consistency you will see your life take an upward trajectory, gain traction and move in the direction you desire.

Consistency Builds Good Fortune in Your Life

Regular chanting allows you to build the good fortune you will need in your life to confront a real challenge. The law of cause and effect tells us that when we make good causes we are setting up good effects for the future. Chanting is one of the most positive causes you can make. You are connecting with the Mystic Law, the fundamental law of the universe. When you regularly make such good causes it won’t be long before you notice good effects building in your daily life.

Consistency Builds Strength

Consistent daily chanting allows you to build the kind of internal strength you will need to confront a challenge. Practitioners pull themselves out of anxiety, depression, anger, all the internal states which can block forward movement. While you chant you can pull yourself out of the lower of the ten worlds and into the proactive higher worlds. This allows you to take charge of your life and to possess the courage and determination to do it.

Steps To Establish a Consistent Chanting Practice

  • If you’re having trouble being consistent your first step should be to chant to be more consistent.
  • Tie your chanting to something else you do, like doing it before or after breakfast, or before dinner.
  • Remind yourself you can do anything for fifteen minutes.
  • Challenge yourself to follow through.
  • Make sure you chant before going into the day’s activities.
  • Make yourself accountable if necessary. If you have a sponsor, call them to report that you have chanted. Knowing you will be making the call may give you the needed push.
  • Remember chanting becomes easy over time.

Before long you will be looking forward to your time in front of the Gohonzon. You will have seen how much better your life flows when you start the day by putting yourself in rhythm with the universe. Consistency provides that foundation.

“Why is Consistency Important?” © Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist


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