Why Practice Nichiren Buddhism?

Why Practice Nichiren Buddhism?

If you are reading this you are probably wondering, why would I want to be a Nichiren Buddhist?

Embark on a Life of Happiness

When you begin to practice Nichiren Buddhism, you will embark on a path to a life of success and happiness.

Goals of the Practice

The goal of the practice is to live the kind of life in which you can transform obstacles and suffering into sources of growth and fulfillment. You can overcome weaknesses to establish the indestructible life state of Buddhahood. The ultimate goal is to live an enlightened life, a life of unshakeable happiness, where your life works as you have always wished.

Prove It To Yourself

You are not asked to believe anything. You will prove to yourself whether the practice works for you in your life.

Why Practice Nichiren Buddhism? (C) Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist

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