5 Steps to a Successful Life Transition: A Guest Experience

Katy had run a successful consulting business in the high-tech industry where her clients were all in another state. She had to travel frequently and she had a her young daughter and husband at home. The work was lonely and she couldn’t be part of a team. Then, in 2012, her business slowed down.

Looking at her situation she decided she didn’t want to live with the unpredictable income and isolation any more. That meant she would have to make a decision, move to where the jobs were, change careers completely, or find a job locally.

A Crisis in Faith

She chanted to know her new direction. Since she still needed an income, she sent applications to local firms so she could support herself while determining her new direction. Time passed and no one evinced any interest. Her self-esteem suffered. Feeling undesirable in the job market, she couldn’t see her worth. She felt in a rut with her chanting and felt that focusing on what she wanted was just a lot of wishing. Since she was not getting any responses she began to wonder if her chanting was having any effect at all.

At was at this dark time she got guidance from an experienced practitioner, who suggested she chant to appreciate her life. She committed herself to 30 days. She let go of chanting for her external situation and instead, dug down to find the numerous things she could appreciate about her life. When she chanted this way she could feel an internal shift.

A New Direction

Self-reflection pointed to the fact that on paper she had no local experience and so was not an attractive prospect. She saw she needed to be able to meet with employers. Seasonal work allowed this and she landed two seasonal jobs. Her confidence rose. Once the jobs were finished she decided to apply at a temp agency so she could get in front of prospective employers. The same day she went there she was offered a temp-to-hire position. Eight days into the temp job she was called by her strongest client who offered her a month of consulting work.

A Dilemma; Live with Fear or Faith

Now she was faced with a dilemma. She had a prospect of local permanent work in the temp-for- hire position, but it was fairly dull work. The consulting work was challenging, but it would end. As Katy chanted about this decision she realized that if she took the temp job she would be taking it out of fear. She needed to take a risk on the consulting job, with the full confidence she was protected. She saw she needed to live her life that way, taking action based on faith, not fear.

She took the consulting project and the first project turned into three. Then her company contact left the company. Afraid she would lose her job, she returned to chanting to appreciate her life, rather than focusing on her fear. Shortly Katy discovered that when her contact departed, a space had opened up.  Katy got a full time 18 month contractor job which allowed her to remain in Eugene. Six months later a full time job opened up. Afraid she would have to move she chanted for the best possible outcome, with the faith that whatever happened would be the right thing for her. Someone else got the full time position, but she continued working with no disruptions in pay for the next year.

When she came close to the end of her contract she knew the company would hire her or let her go. She chanted for the best possible outcome in full faith that whatever that was would be right for her. The company didn’t want to lose her and ended up handing her the position. She didn’t even have to interview.

Every part of her end goal was fulfilled. She was in a unique role, that utilized her talents, was part of a team,and  had a steady income. The big bonus was she never had to leave Eugene and had a flexible schedule working from home.

Oneness of Life and Its Environment

Katy had made use of the principle of oneness of life and its environment, which says our outer environment is the reflection of our inner life. She knew that if she chanted with desperation to change the outer environment she was in effect projecting disbelief her goal could be accomplished. The universe had reflected that. So she shifted. Chanting with appreciation for her own life, she trusted the universe to create the best possible outcome. Chanting this way led to changes in her life which were then reflected in the changes in her outer environment.

5 Steps to a Successful Transition

She recommends to chant in the following way.
1. Chant for the best possible outcome. Don’t try to figure out what that is – just have faith it will manifest.
2. Notice the inconspicuous benefits which come to you.
3. Chant to appreciate your life each day shifting the internal and external energy to the positive.
4. Practice patience and perseverance.
5. Trust that the universe can produce better results than you can imagine, even if you can’t see the path clearly

A Request
If you have an experience where you have been successful in chanting for a challenging goal, I would be interested in sharing it on my website to help other people. If you have one you want  to share, please include:

  • The initial situation
  • How you chanted. Did you need to modify how you chanted? If so, what did you do differently?
  • Did you make changes internally, in your behavior or while taking action? What were they?
  • Did you reach out for support?  What kind? Guidance, meetings, study, other.
  • How did your experience work out? How long did it take?

Thanks for being willing to share your experience.  Please send it to me at margaret@margaretmember.wpengine.com