Are You Letting the Universe Have Your Back?

In this vlog we are going to discuss what prevents us from experiencing being connected to the inner guidance from within, where you know without question that the universe has your back..

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Goals are a mixed blessing. We have to set them but if we’re not very careful they can overshadow the quiet inner voice from within, the universal self that will guide us step by step.

We have to be willing to set our goals, dreams and desires, and then release them and let the universe figure out how to bring them to fruition.

In this vlog I am going to share some of the things I have learned about letting the universe do its job.

How Our Ego Gets in the Way

Our ego can get in the way in a number of ways. It thinks it knows how to do everything. It makes you rely on your will. You may find yourself rigidly over-planning. You are holding tightly onto how things are going to be done, controlling every aspect. You find yourself obsessing about the goal, watching for progress and fretting when the timeline isn’t your own. You insist on being in charge of your life.

We do all these things because we are afraid. We are afraid of what will happen to us if we don’t get what we need. Unfortunately all this forcing, controlling behavior only gets in the way of the universe doing its job. Remember it is your job to set the goal. It is the job of the universe to work out how to get there.

No one knows how a goal is going to work out when they set it. We have to learn to listen to that inner guidance and be able to recognize when the universe is communicating with us. When we listen we will be guided step by step.

And we need to recognize when we have cut off the communication thru relying on our own will, manipulating and controlling.

How does Our Universal Self Talk to Us?

Thru synchronicity

The universe talks to us through synchronicity – those amazing coincidences that you can’t believe actually happened. A simple one would be chanting for a parking place, seeing the street with all the parking places full and then just as you come up to your destination, a car pulls out, right in front of where you were going. Or you meet exactly the person you need to meet at the perfect right time. Or a book is given to you by a friend with the exactly the information you needed at that

Synchronicity is normal. I’ve learned that if isn’t happening, I am insisting too much on my own will, not letting the universe have my back.

Thru the Intuition

We have a communication system which is virtually instantaneous and can know things without going through the linear steps to getting there. This is our intuition.
In the west we are taught to disregard anything that isn’t logical so we tend to ignore our intuition.

Our universal self communicates through the intuition, those quiet little nudges to do this or that. They don’t demand our attention. They are so quiet that it is easy to
overlook them or talk ourselves out of them. How often have you had the experience, “I had this feeling bi should do X, and ignored it. I wish I’d paid attention.”

The intuition communicates through physical knowing – the hair rising on your neck, a strong feeling hitting in your stomach. Knowing something is wrong when you looks
all right.  Knowing without doubt you should do something, and not being able to explain why.

go with your gut feeling – advice or motivational reminder on a vintage slate blackboard

A Personal Experience

My husband and I had to buy a furnace. Our old one had come to the end of its life. We got three bids. As I looked over the three bids, I had a strong knowing that this
one company was the best. Turns out my husband had the same feeling.

This was not the same company that we had done business with for 17 years, the established company in the area. I started to talk myself out of it, and then remembered that the intuition speaksthrough these kinds of feelings. I made the decision to just notice what we discovered through the bidding process and just to be open.

As we went through online research about the different types of furnaces, we saw that our former company was going to sell us a mid-level, loud furnace. According to online reviews, people had had difficulties with it. I saw that the company about whom I had had the strong hit, was going to sell us a top-level furnace that was very quiet for a couple of thousand less. The online reviews of this furnace were quite good.

As we proceeded through the bidding process and met with the different representatives, we discovered that there was some basic maintenance which had not been done by our original company. One of several examples was checking the backup batteries for the thermostat so that when the electricity went off the thermostat didn’t stop working. The batteries were corroded. The thermostat had actually stopped working after an electrical outage twice, requiring two visits from the company to get things going again.

By the end of the process I could see that my original intuitive knowing had been confirmed.

What Do We Have to Do to Hear These Communications?

Step 1: First we have to set the goal then let go of control. Trying to control stops the communication with the universe.

Step 2: We have to connect to our inner self and pray for guidance. “Show me the next step.”

Step 3: We have to be willing to let go of our fear and trust that universe has our back.

“Let’s try it once without the parachute.”




Step 4: When fears come up, acknowledge them, feel them, and then choose faith. “I trust that the universe will handle this.”You may have to make this choice several times a day.

Step 5: Let go of trying to control the timing of your goal. Have faith that everything will happen at the perfect time as you grow into achieving your goal.

Step6: Remember what we think about, expands. Our lives happen from the inside, out. Be grateful for what you have right now. Don’t focus on what you lack.

Step 7: Thank the universe that you already have your goal.

How Do You Know When You Have Let Go?

You feel confident, and trust the universe is handling your goal in the right time.
You have let go of manipulating, forcing and doubt and have faith in the universe, following the steps forward as they come to you.

You are experiencing your fears and then choosing to have faith in the universe.


We have discussed the role, which is setting our end goal. and then letting go so the universe can do its job – working out the way to get there.

Then we discussed how the ego gets in the way of the universe doing its work.

1. The ego thinks it knows how to do everything relying on your will rather than letting the universe handle the steps.

2. The ego is controlling You may find yourself rigidly over-planning. You are holding tightly onto how things are going to be done, controlling every aspect. You find yourself obsessing about the goal, anxiously watching for progress

3. You fret when the timeline isn’t your own.

4. You insist on clutching the reins of your life.

Then we discussed how our universal self communicates with us, if we have released our goal to the universe.

1. Through synchronicity – those wonderful unexplainable coincidences

2. Through the intuition which talks to us through
A. profound knowing about something
B. Through gentle little nudges to do this or that.
C. Through physical responses.

Finally we discussed how you will know when you have let go.

You will have let go of manipulation, forcing and doubt, and relaxed with the trust that the universe has your back .


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