At Last, A Surefire Way to Make Your Life Easier

Your life will become much easier when you start chanting about your problems and challenges.
I can’t tell you exactly  how it works, but when you chant about a problem or an opportunity, then take action, events begin to move you toward your goal in surprising ways, in ways you could never have anticipated. You will feel as though you have  a key to making your life easier and work better.

An Experience

One practitioner was remodeling his home.  He routinely uses the practice to chant about issues in his life and had been chanting about the different steps of the remodel.  He was building an outside office for his wife, when a building inspector came by and told him he needed to incorporate a metal bracket in each corner of the framing.  He had never dealt with anything like this and wasn’t sure how to do it.

The next morning he chanted about it and the perfect way of handling the problem came to mind.

He describes his experience of chanting about the construction challenges.” It was rather like going to a library and reviewing one procedure after another as I needed them.  I would chant and get the information needed to do the next step.  Ways of doing things would come to me that I hadn’t thought of myself.” He commented, “They always worked perfectly. I didn’t make the mistakes I might have made otherwise”.  His work on the house was made much easier, by chanting about the issues which came up.

5  Steps to Handling an Issue in Your Life

1. Set a positive goal, the desired solution to your concern.
2. Daily, chant about it 5-10 minutes
3. Be prepared to take action and do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal.
4. Be flexible about ideas and directions that might not match your expectations
5. Don’t give up until you achieve your goal.

When you set a goal, chant about it, and then take action, you will receive information which will move you towards your goal in surprising ways. You will feel as though you have a secret ally. You will have found the key to making life easier.

Listen to and Try the Chant