What Controls Your Life? You or Outside Forces?

Do you believe you can direct your life as you wish it, or do you secretly believe that outside forces determine what happens in your life?
In the Western world, there is a common belief that something outside of ourselves controls what happens in our lives. You see this when you hear such comments as, “I can’t get a job, because of the economy.” “My significant other won’t let me.” “It just wasn’t meant to be.”

You Determine Your Circumstances

Buddhism teaches that in fact the reality is that you determine your life, the environment is just your shadow.

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If you were to walk down the street, your shadow follows behind you. Your shadow appears as though it’s separate from you but it doesn’t exist without you. Like that, our past words and actions reflect in the circumstances of our lives when the time is right.

You can see this in two very different bedrooms. One is messy with clothes and books strewn all over, while the other is very organized. The circumstances and conditions of the lives of the occupant are reflected in their room.

Your personal universe extends from the inner depths of your heart outward to all of the circumstances of your life. The point of power is within you. This is entirely empowering because it means if there is something in your life you don’t like, you have the power to change it.

Change Your World: Change Yourself

If you want to influence your outer world, you must strengthen and improve your inner self. For example, if the girl with the messy room, wants to be more organized, she will have to make a determination to make the inner changes necessary, and take the actions required to change her habits. When she acts on these, her room will reflect her new inner reality.

How to Change Your Circumstances by Changing Yourself

1. Chant with the desired change in mind.
2. Make a determination you are going to achieve this no matter what.
3. Take action to do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired change
4. Follow through until you achieve your goal.                                                                                              Winner Man On Mountain Top

 Jean Changed Her Circumstances

When Jean wanted to lose twenty pounds, she sat down and envisioned her goal weight. She knew what she wanted to look like. Then she make the determination that she was going to lose twenty pounds no matter what. As she chanted, ideas came to her about actions she would have to take in order to lose the weight. She decided to try one thing at a time, figuring she couldn’t change everything all at once. She took up aerobics and weight training, and paid a trainer to make herself accountable. She cut down on portion sizes. She reached out for support from other people who had lost weight successfully. She persisted one day at a time until she reached her goal weight.

You Can do It Too

Hear the chant at www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXPEkzV2Rq4