Chanting + Action Leads to Success

Chanting Alone is Not Enough

In my last post we discussed how important it is to take action on ideas that we get when we chant about a goal or a challenge. Chanting alone is not enough, although it is definitely lays the foundation. When we chant we set forces in motion. The positive forces of the universe will give us ideas of things to do, and make connections behind the scenes to help us accomplish them.

Work Out Your Goal in Daily Life

These ideas and connections will be held in limbo if we stop there, just chanting but not taking action. Our dearest dreams may remain unfulfilled if they are held close to us as hopes, rather than taking the steps to get them out into the world. Action is what allows the universe to work through us as we take one step after another towards our goals.

For example, let’s say a farmer wants a good rice crop. If he just chants but doesn’t take the necessary action steps to plant the rice, how will he ever have a good crop?

An Experience

Angel had written three books. They were excellent books full of forward looking ideas concerning the mind-body connection. But they sat in her drawer for ten years unpublished and unread. Once Angel started to chant she came to the realization that chanting without taking action had allowed her dearest dreams to stagnate. She hadn’t gone to the effort to write these books only to have no one read them.

She reached out and moved forward. She contacted an established videographer who referred her to a younger person, Claudia, who was glad to work with someone on a limited budget. When Angel met with Claudia she discovered not only would she really like to work with her but she was an animator. Angel was excited and delighted. One of Angel’s unspoken dreams was to use animation to illustrate her exercises.

When you take action you are providing an opportunity for the positive forces in the universe to show you the necessary steps and the connections necessary to achieve your goal. These can only show up as you move forward by taking action on your ideas. If Angel hadn’t contacted the established videographer she would never have received the referral to Claudia who was exactly what she needed to bring her long held dream to fruition.

Action Allows the Universe to Work

President Ikeda is very clear about the necessity for action into Faith Into Action. He says, “Prayer is the foundation. But at the same time if we fail to make concrete efforts, no matter how much daimoku we chant, our prayers will not be answered.”

Take the Following Steps

 Set a positive goal regarding your concern
 Chant to lay a foundation
 Be aware of ideas that come
 Take action to follow the steps towards your goal. Plant the rice

You don’t need to figure out how the connections are going to work out. All you have to do is take one step after another as they are presented to you through ideas that come, internal promptings or someone making a suggestion regarding the topic you are chanting about. Since you never know what twists and turns might happen following these steps will be an adventure.

  • Dan Goff says:

    This is my biggest struggle with the practice. It’s one thing to write down goals…but to take ACT!ON especially when you don’t even know what the first step is.

    My human revolution is a veeeeery deeeeeeeeeep one. I’ve mostly been on the sidelines in life and age is catching up on me and laughing at all my complaining but lack of action.

    I chant but somewhere in the back of my head I’m saying to myself, “Well, where would we even begin and how likely is THAT to happen.”

    Talking myself out of anything ACT!ON at all…in a mental prison waiting for some perfect sign to smack me in the face to alleviate any doubt that I should take ACT!ON.

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