Chanting Difficulties? 4 Ways to Turn Difficulties Around

If you are chanting but not getting the results you want,  I am going to show you 4 ways to turn chanting difficulties around so you can achieve better results.


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I had a question this week which might pertain to many people. “Why, when I think I’m chanting correctly am I getting the opposite of what I want.” The response would be to think that chanting isn’t working. But that is not the case.

Sometimes, not getting what you are chanting for is the answer to your prayer. I have two friends. The husband was looking for a job out of town. They put their newly remodeled and decorated house on the market. The houses on their street were selling quickly but nothing happened with their house. Weeks passed and there were no offers. They were perplexed. Then he received a job offer from a group out of town. The only criteria the new employer had regarding location was that he needed to live 15 minutes from an airport. They house fell within that range, so they didn’t have to leave the house that was perfect for them.

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This example is an easy answer, but now I want to look at things you might be doing that might block your hoped for result.

Look at Who You Are

It’s easy to forget, living in this physical world that we are spiritual beings living a physical life. We are one with the creative life force of the universe at our core. Many of us either don’t know or forget that we have that connection. Others of us have learned about that connection and have been taught, “You have a Buddha Nature” but don’t really believe it down deep. We doubt this connection, when faced with difficulties in life. We feel that we are on our own and have to handle things with our own strength.

We are creative beings. Every day we make countless decisions which create our future. If you look at the life you have now, it is the result of what you have envisioned and thought about in the past. One of the principles of Buddhism is that everything we see on the surface of our lives has come from inside of us to manifest in the material world. I sometimes think that our life here is a chance to practice our creative skills and that in this world we can see the results of what we are creating. Fortunately, as this is the case, if you don’t like what you see, you have the power to change it.

 How to Turn Things Around

So – if you’re producing what you don’t want, what can you do to turn things around?

1. Set a clear positive goal

First, examine your goal. Is it something you want? Or is it a negative goal. A negative goal looks like this. I want to lose 25 pounds. In this case you are looking at what you   don’t     want – the twenty-five pounds. A positive goal would be, I want to weigh, your goal weight. Envision standing on the scale looking at your goal weight.

Let’s say you have a financial goal. I want $10,000. This would be a negative goal – because the ten thousand is still lacking. Instead chant envisioning yourself putting the $10,000 in your bank account.

2. Don’t talk Yourself Out of Internal Nudges


Once you have identified a clear, positive goal, chant for it and pay attention to internal nudges to go this way or that or ideas that come to you regarding your goal. Remember you have started a dialogue with the universe and a response is going to show up. Some of these internal nudges can be subtle, so pay attention.

If you get an internal nudge, don’t talk yourself out of it. This is easy to do as our logical mind has a problem with intuitive sources of information and will often talk you out of acting on it. Instead put the thought on a mental shelf to evaluate later. How many times have you had a strong feeling to do something, which you have ignored, and then wished later you had listened?

If you chanting about a goal pay attention to anything regarding that goal. Sometimes the response comes outside our prayer time from someone we know, something we hear
during our daily life. Pay attention.

3. Review What You’re Mentally Projecting

If life’s not working as you’d hoped, its good to review what you’re thinking about during your prayer time and during the day. What you are chronically projecting mentally to the universe is what the universe will bring to you. If you are getting what you don’t want, it is time to look at what you are projecting. Are you focusing on your fears and worries while you chant and during the day? If you are, then what you fear and worry about will show up.
One of the challenges is learning to keep our attention on what we want and not pay much attention to what we don’t want. This flies in the face of our cultural training, which encourages us to look at the problems. To overcome this training is a big challenge, as other people look at problems all the time. If you find yourself falling into looking at the negative side of things, you may have to pull yourself out many times a day, refocusing on what you want, until you have established a new habit.

4. Take Action; You May Need to Change

Finally, take action. The universe works through us as we take one step at a time. Each time we take a step it creates different alternatives for the universe. There are many routes to a goal, so you are never deadlocked. But if you don’t take action, nothing will be the result. Sometimes you have to handle fears, learn something new, or change a
habitual way of doing things. These kinds of changes can make us nervous. Use the chant to handle fears and chant for courage.


Today we answered the question, “Why, when I think I am chanting correctly, am I getting the opposite of what I want?” On occasion, not getting what you are chanting for is the answer to your prayer.

We have to remember we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and we are one with the creative life force of the universe at our core. Our lives today are the result of what we have envisioned and thought about in the past. If you don’t like what you can see you can change it.

How can you turn things around?
1. Set a clear positive goal we discussed the difference between a negative and positive goal
2. Don’t talk Yourself Out of Internal Nudges
3. Review What You’re mentally projecting
4. Take action – You may need to change

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