Chanting for Goals Develops Spiritual Attributes in the Practitioner

Learning to Trust the Wisdom Within    Post#2

By Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist


Usually when you start to practice you don’t yet believe you have a Buddha nature within, a deeper source of wisdom, courage and happiness. In the past you have relied on your intellectual understanding. Experience teaches all of us that sometimes you can trust your intellect but at other times you can miss the mark.

Chanting Taps a Deeper Wisdom

Chanting for goals means that you can tap the wisdom which is deep within. It is far more expansive and broad than the intellect. It’s the difference between taking a cup and scooping a small amount of the water of wisdom from the lake, versus becoming the lake itself.

Let’s say you have an intention and set a goal. You chant about it. Ideas about steps to take may seem to come out of nowhere.

My husband was faced with a construction problem while putting the roof on my office. This was a new type of project for him so, feeling deadlocked, he chanted for the solution to his problem. An idea came to mind while he chanted. He took the step that had come to him and it worked much better than any of the other ideas he had had. He said to me that he felt he had tapped into a big library of solutions to construction problems.

Take action on the ideas that come to you. You may find that they are very effective.

When you do you have begun to rely on the wisdom inside of yourself. As time goes on you will develop a trust in that deeper wisdom as you act on it over and over and observe the results.

This is an experiential process. Thinking about it will not give you the experience. Only chanting can do that.

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Have you ever had an experience where chanting about something resulted in better solutions than you had ever thought of before?

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