Chanting Plus Action Manifests Our Goals (3)

When you set a goal and chant about it, action will be required to bring it about.

Chanting Isn’t Magic

Sometimes it sounds as though chanting alone is going to make it possible to achieve a goal. But chanting alone will not get you there.

What we do when we chant:

  • We let the universe know what we need. We’ve begun a dialogue.
  • In return, we will get ideas in return of actions we can take.
  • We put ourselves in rhythm with the universe, opening up doors to possibilities and connections we might never have imagined.

But chanting isn’t magic. You still need to take action, take steps towards your goal, feet on the ground. You give the universe opportunity to work through you when you take action. It is in everyday life that your goal will manifest. If you don’t take action, nothing happens.

An Experience

One practitioner, Ann, chanted for a job. She wanted the job to meet five criteria. These were very specific criteria, which would be hard to meet.

  1. $30,000 a year
  2. 10 minutes from her house
  3. Travel to job would be against traffic
  4. 100% paid medical for her family
  5. Tuition reimbursement to get her Bachelors

She followed up with ideas which came to her. She built up a good resume to support the kind of job she wanted and interviewed with many different firms. One day, to her surprise, a temp agency called. She ignored them because she didn’t want a temp job and kept looking. Then to her amazement, the temp agency called again. She had never heard of a temp agency continuing to call. Curious to see why they had called again, she responded. When she talked with them she discovered they weren’t contacting her about a temp job. They told her about a full, time job interview. Since she had been chanting about finding the right position and following up with ideas that came to her, Ann didn’t hesitate. She followed up with the lead and discovered the job met all five of her criteria.

By the way, today she has her Human Resources degree paid for by the company through her tuition reimbursement, her fifth criteria..

It’s tempting to think that this is magical. But Ann had put in the work. She chanted with a goal in mind. She had defined specifically what she wanted, and then done the footwork to follow through. Had she not been taking action based on the ideas coming to her, she might never have been discovered by the temp agency or been in the perfect position to hear about the job.

 Dialogue with the Universe, Then Take action

When you are chanting about a goal, you have started a dialogue with the positive forces in the universe. In response you will find ideas coming to you. Pay attention to any idea that comes. Then act on that idea as Ann did. Continue to chant for the next step while you take the steps presented to you. The path will unfold as you take steps forward.

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