Are You Chanting With Mixed Feelings or Determination?

Are You Chanting with Mixed Feelings?

If you are struggling to surmount an obstacle, little adjustments in the way you are chanting can affect the results. One   of these aspects to consider is whether you are chanting with mixed feelings or determination.

If you’re chant with mixed feelings you are telling the universe that you wish, but don’t really believe, that you can achieve the goal you’ve set. Perhaps you have tried to accomplish it multiple times and never quite made it. You are hoping but down deep don’t really believe it is possible.

Here is an example of chanting with mixed feelings. Suzie had an overweight problem. She had dieted on and off for years with little success. She wished to be thinner but wasn’t convinced she could actually achieve the goal. She just hoped she could. As a result she chanted for a vague goal, losing weight.

Or Are You Chanting with Determination?

Chanting with determination tells the universe that you have set this goal, you can clearly see the end result, and you are going to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Let’s see how Suzie would change the way she chants.

  •  She would set a goal seeing what she would weigh after she had lost the weight – her goal weight.
  •  She would chant, imagining how herself at her goal weight. .
  • She would commit herself to doing whatever was necessary to achieve her goal.
  •  Once committed she would chant for the next steps to take
  •  Finally she would follow up on these ideas and take action steps one at a time

Since she now chants with determination and takes steps to move forward, she will attract the support she needs to accomplish her goal.

Are You Ready to Commit to Your Goal?

Ask yourself if you are chanting with mixed feelings or determination. If you realize you are chanting with mixed feelings rather than determination ask yourself whether this goal is important enough to truly make a commitment to achieving it. If you can’t do this, this may not be the best time for addressing this goal.

If you’re not sure what you truly want, chant for clarity.

Step Forward with Commitment

If you’re ready to make the commitment and chant with determination take the following steps:

  • Visualize your goal as accomplished. You can be as specific as you like.
  •  Imagine how you will feel when you succeed.
  •  Chant with the image of your completed goal in mind.
  •  Make a commitment that you are going to achieve this goal and do whatever is necessary to achieve it no matter what.
  •  Follow through with ideas you receive for steps to take.


  • Sherrie Spocchia says:

    I have been chanting like crazy, imagining living in our new home, we can’t sell our house, we have had viewing after viewing and none have come through, there is nothing wrong with our house apart from the fact it is in a high price bracket. We need to sell, we want to sell, but it just isn’t happening, we have now lost the house we wanted to buy, I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      I’m not sure you are doing anything wrong. You have a clear positive goal, visualizing the end in mind. Are you imagining the sales papers being signed for your house? You are chanting with determination. It may be timing or something you don’t know about. But keep chanting and don’t give up.
      Let me tell you a story. There was a young couple who were chanting. The husband applied for a job out of town. They put their remodeled, redecorated house on the market. All the other houses on the street that had for sale signs sold, but theirs didn’t. The husband got the position. It turned out that as long as they were 15 minutes from the airport they could remain where they were, in the house that was perfect for them.
      Just have faith that whatever happens is for your happiness, even though it might not appear that way right now.

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