Do You Know Why You Should be Grateful for Adversity?

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When you have come up against adversity and go to an experienced practitioner for guidance, they will say “Congratulations you have something to chant about.” Why would they say this? They know that no one is out to get you, that adversity is a normal part of the path to enlightenment. As the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra vol V1. P. 88 says,
“The benefit we receive when we initially take faith is like a small mountain. The boundless life force of    Buddhahood is like a large mountain. On the way from the small mountain to the large one we have to pass through a valley. This indicates the three obstacles and the four devils and other obstacles of all kinds. Only by passing                                  through this valley can we ascend the great mountain of Buddhahood.”     Challenging and overcoming adversity allows us to forge our character.
They know that by chanting and overcoming your obstacle that you will deepen your faith, while having the kinds of experiences that make this practice so exciting.

What’s Happening When Things Get Worse?

You Are Getting Rid of Blocks

Sometimes we hear that when a person chants about a specific problem that things seem to get worse. This is a good thing because you are getting rid of what has blocked you in the past. It’s like turning on the water after a garden hose has lain outside all winter. What comes out first? Not clear water but instead maybe a clump of dirt or a spider or two. It is only when the hose is cleaned out that the clear water can flow. So strengthen your determination and hang in there. It will get better.

There’s Always a Silver Lining

When facing an adverse situation its always important to remember that there is a hidden gift, a silver lining that will reveal itself through the process. Since the universe always works for us, you will discover something, so look for it.

I think there is another reason for this experience as well. When things get worse it’s a real test to see if you can hold the faith no matter what appears to be happening. Trusting the Mystic Law, holding your faith and banishing doubt, would mean to keep your  eye on what you want, being happy and having gratitude that it is already accomplished, no matter what seems to be happening in your life

It’s staying attuned to a different set of natural laws than we are accustomed to. We’re used to going up and down depending on what is happening regarding our goal. But the realm of faith requires we keep our eye on what we want, not on what we are afraid of.

Time to Work on Your Character

When nothing seems to get better at the beginning, it may mean we have certain characteristics or blocks that have to be worked on before we can achieve our goal. For example, maybe there is a truly difficult person at work, who seems to purposefully make life difficult for you. You chant for a resolution to the problem. Perhaps after chanting about it you realize that you have some character defects of your own.






When you address those and grow, the whole situation changes for the better. Remember oneness of life and its environment. When we change our environment changes. The adversity has led to growth on your part. Then the resolution to the situation occurs and you see the harmonious situation you’ve been chanting for.

Reframe the Problem

For good things to happen in an adverse situation, you will need to reframe the problem in a positive light.

If you are seeing yourself as a victim, and are depressed angry and resentful, then you are going to attract experiences which allow you to have more of these emotions. As Daisaku Ikeda says, “If you practice faith with an attitude of complaint, you will destroy your good fortune in direct proportion FIA, 11 If you can remain positive, look for the hidden benefit or just increase your determination to achieve your goal, then the universe will work for you. You will see poison turn into medicine, and experience the unexpected connections which result in your achieving what you having been chanting for.

Try the Following:

When mired in an adverse situation, try the following:
1. First, thank the universe for the lessons to be learned through this experience.

2. Keep your eye on what you want, being happy and having gratitude that it has already happened and is on its way.
3. Ask to be shown what the lesson is, the hidden gift, the golden lining.
4. Keep an eye out for new opportunities through these circumstances.
5. Ask, how can I become stronger, more wise, resilient through this experience?


When facing an adverse situation one of the following is happening:
1. You are facing a normal part of the path – adversity. Through adversity we strengthen ourselves taking one step at a time to Buddhahood.
2. You may be dealing with a test to see if you can stay confident in the Mystic Law without falling into doubt, no matter what appears to be happening in your life.

3. You may have to change some character defects to produce the result you want.

Things to do:

Look at the situation differently, so you are not seeing yourself as a victim. Remember the universe is always moving you towards your goal, no matter how things appear.
Thank the universe for the hidden lesson to be learned in this situation.
Keep your eye on what you want. Be happy and have gratitude that it is already on its way.
Ask how you can become stronger, wiser , more resilient through the experience.
Keep an eye out for new opportunities through these circumstances.

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