Guaranteed: 12 Steps to Break Through Deadlock

When deadlocked, we are in a struggle between negative and positive forces. We don’t see the path forward: we feel up against a wall. It is then that our faith is put to the test. Are we going to succumb to negativity, doubt our Buddha nature, and give up? Or, are we going to seize the opportunity, build our faith and move forward to victory.

Deadlock is an Opportunity

When we face a deadlock we are presented with the opportunity to expand our lives in ways we might not imagine and certainly can’t see at the beginning. Perhaps we have a limited view of ourselves which stops us from taking the necessary action. Perhaps we have been dealing with anxiety, fears or depression which have held us back. Perhaps we have a certain way of functioning which blocks our progress.

Building Faith, the Power Source

Ever-stronger faith is what gives us the power and the courage to break through such deadlocks. So how can we find the way to develop our faith? If we study the experiences of practitioners who have broken-through, and produced victorious results, we’ll see each one has taken certain steps.

1. They put the Strategy of the Lotus Sutra first. This means  chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo about their concern before trying to figure it out on their own.  They know that that connecting with and bringing out the deep wisdom available from within, they can find a way around deadlock.
2. They chanted with focus and intensity as though they were going to shake the universe. Chanting with focus and intensity pulls you out of inertia and a laid back attitude. You can feel your energy and motivation rise.
3. They chanted to raise their life condition and give them courage.
4. They made a determination their goal was going to happen, even though it felt impossible.
5. They studied the writings until they found the ones which gave them the support to move ahead.
6. They threw themselves into encouraging the practice of others, putting the law of simultaneity of cause and effect into action.
7. They kept their minds focused on moving forward.
8. If they had doubts, they resolved them. They refused to fall into the abyss of doubt and despair. Sometimes that mean’t pulling their minds out of negativity fifty times a day.
9. They went to meetings and heard experiences. Some of them got guidance for support.
10. If isolated, they clung to the writings for instruction and example. They took action when it was required.
11. With every set back they turned to the Lotus Sutra knowing Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the one way to find the route around any obstacle.
12. They made the resolution to keep on until their goal was reached.

You Can Do It Too

If these practitioners can do it, you can too. Just put these steps into practice and if you persevere you will find your way through.

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  • john Simons says:

    Thank you so much for your support Margaret. I am totally isolated at the moment.
    You are the only one giving me guidance at the present.
    Deep appreciation.
    John Simons

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      You need to stay close to the organization and get to meetings. When we are in a spiritual crisis it is even more important. Members will chant with you for your issues to be resolved and you can be encouraged on a regular basis.

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