Is There A Way to Set More Effective Goals?

I have received number of questions about how to set a goal.

What You Will Learn

By the end of our time together, I will cover the differences between our human and our infinite side and why ,when connecting with your infinite side through chanting, you must handle setting a goal differently from how we’re trained in society.
You’ll have a step by step process to manifest a goal
You’ll feel more confident in the way you are chanting.

We Have Two Sides

We have two sides to our nature, our human side and our infinite side. Our human side embodies the cultural, conventional wisdom with which we look at our lives, the world of limitations. When we are born into this world we are trained by our culture to look to our circumstances to decide what we can do. We hear things like, “You want this? Money doesn’t grow on trees. That dream isn’t practical. You can’t buy this car because of the amount of money in your bank account. “

What we come to realize through our Buddhist training is that those very life circumstances are the results of the past causes we have made. The very clear statement is that because we created these life circumstances we have the power to create something else.
So we learn to chant, to connect with the other side of ourselves, our Buddha nature, our infinite side, and we hear experiences where people have overcome their life circumstances to create a better life for themselves. But to overcome our life circumstances using the infinite side of our nature, requires behaving differently from how we have been trained to live on our human side.

Step 1 How to Set A goal

To connect with the infinite is to connect with the world of possibility. When we set a goal we are creating a vision, which might not seem logical or realistic when evaluated by conventional wisdom. The infinite side of us requires that we have a clear, specific vision.
When we chant with a vision and hold to it, we are creating an invisible blueprint of what we want, which, when the time is right will show up in the material world. Create an image, that would represent to you your vision fulfilled as your mind thinks in pictures We know how detailed an architect has to be to create a house. You are the architect of your vision. Let’s say you want a new home. Create a picture in your mind of what it would look like. What are its features. What does it look like as you walk through it? Imagine you already have it, maybe you see yourself putting the key in the front door for the first time.

2. Make a Determination

Then make a decision you are going to have it no matter what. We call this making a determination. This is where people tend to look at their circumstances to see what they can do. But it’s necessary to go for what you truly want regardless of your bank account or your circumstances. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but now you are working with the universal laws that manifest what we want, where there are no limitations. Once you make that decision, then the universe knows you are serious about your goal and will work around obstacles to you getting it when you act on the ideas you are given.

If you want a home, get a real estate agent and go look for it. That doesn’t seem logical if you don’t have the money yet, but you are telling the universe that you are serious about this through your actions and in response the universe will work out a way for you to get your goal. Take the steps you can take within your current abilities.

Let’s say you have a health condition and you want perfect health. Envision what you would be doing with your life if you were healthy, and what it feels like to be vibrantly healthy. Then make the determination that you have perfect health now. Doing this when your body is telling you that’s not the case is hard work. Holding any vision in the face of current circumstances is hard.

When we chant for a goal, we are not beggars.  We are creators. We know our infinite side is more powerful than any life condition or circumstance might be dealing with, and that we can create our lives as we want them.

Handling Doubts

Doubts will come up. They always come up when you are stretching your life. When they do, return to your vision of what you want. Don‘t indulge and wallow in the doubts. This mental ability we have to create can work for what we want and also create the things we fear, so refocus on what you want. Don’t worry about a fleeting doubt. It’s when we give doubts lots of energy and time we create what we worry about. When you become aware that you are focusing on doubts, simply refocus on what you want. You want to give that energy and time to what you want, not what you don’t want.

3. Pay Attention to Ideas That come

One of the ways the universe responds is with ideas of steps you can take. Ideas may come during your chanting time or during your day. Pay attention to anything that comes to you regarding what you are chanting about whether it seems logical or not. I think of a friend who was chanting for a full-time job when a temp agency called her. She could have dismissed it because it didn’t seem logical. After all she was looking for a full-time job, but fortunately she paid attention, because she had been chanting for a job, and called them back. The temp agency had the perfect full-time job for her.

4. Take Action

Taking action is the second part of the equation. It is through our actions in the world that the infinite energy can put together the connections to bring about your goal. When you get an idea, don’t dismiss it because of some judgment you make about it. Take action instead. Faith is required because you will feel as though you are walking blind. You won’t see more than one to two steps ahead, but once you take them you will see the next step.

5.  Envision Your Goal Already Achieved

Every day envision what it is you want as though you already have it. If that is difficult, imagine it is 2-3 years from now and you have achieved your dream easily. Walk around in it. Look at it. What are you doing. How does it feel? Who are you with? Then remember how that felt as you chant about it. Write it down in as much detail as you can. We want as much clarity as possible – because the universe responds to specificity. Most people tend to be rather vague and general about what they want. If you are chanting about finances, be specific about how much money you want to earn.

6. Never Give Up

Don’t give up until you have achieved your goal. Be aware that the timing of the universe might not be your timing. Perhaps there are things you need to change in yourself before your goal can manifest. Perhaps there are conditions in the environment that need to change. For example, maybe someone has to vacate a job before you can have it.

Be open to this but also be open to the idea that there could be something better. For example, let’s say you are chanting for a relationship with a certain person, but they have no interest in you. I would chant for the perfect relationship for you, which would be with someone who wanted to be with you. Who knows, if you changed maybe that person might be interested in you but maybe it will be someone else entirely.

Today we have looked at the fact we have two sides our human and our infinite side. They function according to different laws.
2.When you chant you are connecting with the infinite world of possibilities, so create a vision of what you want. Create an image of your goal fulfilled.
3.When doubts come up reconnect with what you want. Don’t indulge and expand on them.
4. Then take action when ideas of steps to take show up, even though you may only see one step ahead and the action doesn’t seem logical.

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3. Why Do Some Goals Seem to Take Forever?

I love hearing from you , what you are thinking. So keep them coming and if there is a topic you would like to hear about, let me know.

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  • Andre Leite da Silva says:

    I am posting this question here, because in your YouTube channel, you sad that i should watch the video over and over again. So I did! I Still don’t understand :
    1- What Daimoku actually does, so we can achieve the goals or desires we have(since Daimoku don’t do miracles nor superpowers)
    2- If you can’t use logic, reason or historical precedence because according to i am working with another laws, how can i know if what I want is possible or not(or anything is possible with Daimoku ? Could i chant for anything ? Like could i chant to be taller, or increase my I.Q, or to lose weight without being in a caloric deficit? )
    3 – What it happens when we chant for goals e desires that cannot be achieved?(since according to you, we must never give up and chant until we achieve are goals)
    4- If we have to chant until we achieve our goals, so why we establish a deadline? How one know how long it takes to get concrete benefit from daimoku or manifest a desire outcome? One should keep chanting regardless of getting results or not until when?(forever?)
    Allow me to make a simplistic analogy:
    If I star a workout routine that allows me to build 10 lbs of muscle in 100 days, if i chant to get better results than that, at the end of the deadline, i must have gained more than 10 lbs of muscle! If ate the end of 100 days i only gained 10 lbs of muscle, daimoku didn’t do anything for me( because i could gain 10 lbs by just following the workout routine. Chanting was not required) Does Daimoku have a synergistic effect, that improves my result or Daimoku it is just to motivate me to do what i could do already without chanting?
    Hope i could make myself clear!

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      Andre, we have gone over and over this and nothing I say connects with you. Clearly you don’t believe anything I have said, so I feel this is a fruitless conversation. I hope things work out for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.

      • Andre Leite da Silva says:

        NO problem. i posted this question in your youtube channel in your last video! I still don’t understand what daimoku actually do or what i can expect from it
        No at least a feel free to give up! I should never have initiated this practice not bother you with questions!

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