I’ve Been chanting a Lot! Why Isn’t something Happening?

Question: I’ve been chanting two hours a day about my goal but nothing seems to be happening. I don’t have any ideas about what to do.

If this is the case, the following are some things to consider, as they can affect movement forward towards a goal.

Recognizing Ideas

Look for ideas relating to what you are chanting about during you’re chanting time, but also during the day. Ideas can come in many ways, books, people etc. If you are chanting about an issue, pay attention.

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Are You Talking Yourself Out of Ideas?

What do you do once an idea appears? Are you by any chance talking yourself out of ideas that come, because you don’t see how you would get from the beginning to the end? If this is the case, take the first step in the direction pointed out, even though you can’t see any further. That will allow you to see further down the path.

Are You Taking Action?

Chanting alone won’t take you where you want to go. The universe wants to support you but you must start taking action before that can happen. It’s like the rice farmer who chants for an abundant harvest, but never plants the rice. The universe works through us when we start to move forward.

The Path Will Unfold Under Your Feet

Sometimes we have to move forward not knowing where we are going. It’s like walking blind, and it requires faith in the process to take those steps. But when you begin first one step and then the next, you will be able to see further down the path. Its’ as though the path unfolds under your feet as you move forward.

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

When you take action the universe can support you.

Let me give you an example. “I was talking with my friend about my uncertainty about how to market my book, Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness. She suggested I go to Womenspace, an agency that deals with domestic violence, and drop off two books. Since I had been chanting about this issue, and looking for answers, I followed up on her suggestion. A client read the book and loved it.

That client participated in an addictions program as well. She requested that the recovery program have a Buddhist group there. We taught people, who then went to live all over the state. But if I had not paid attention to my friend’s idea, taken action in spite of my fears, and dropped off the books, none of this would have happened.

Keep your eye on what you want to see happen, your goal. And as you take the first step chant about the second, then the third and so on. Then act on ideas as they come to you.

Is Fear Stopping You?

Sometimes we chant but don’t move forward because we are fearful of doing what is necessary to take the next step. Since we’re doing our human revolution it is natural that we might have fears when trying to expand our lives.

Chant until you shift your life condition into courage. https://margaretblaine.com/three-steps-to-finding-courage/ Don’t procrastinate. Take the action that you are afraid of, quickly.

Are You Focusing on the Obstacles or Your Goal?

Ask yourself. Are you keeping your eye on the goal or dwelling on the obstacles? We have to remember that what we focus on we find, and what we focus on will grow. So do you want to manifest the obstacles or do you want to manifest your goal?

While chanting, if you may become aware that your mind has gone to the obstacles, gently bring it back to what you want. Do this over and over, while you are chanting and also when you find yourself focusing on obstacles during the day. You are creating a new habit that will support you in moving towards your goals. In time you will find that it becomes easier to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Are You Resisting Personal Change?

When we set a goal, we are saying, “This is the person I want to be.” That means you have declared your intention to grow. Now see all know that when we decide to grow there is going to be resistance. This is because our subconscious mind wants life to stay the way it is. https://margaretblaine.com/6-steps-to-making-personal-changes-when-chanting-for-a-goal For the first time, we see all the steps we are going to have to take. It would be so much more comfortable if change would just magically happen. But it isn’t magic.

Chanting means we are going to change. If we are resisting it, then the goal can take much longer. Since often we are not aware this is happening, the linked article will help to recognize how we talk ourselves out of moving forward. (https://margaretblaine.com/resistance-personal-change-stop-achieving-goals/) Once we can recognize what we are doing, we can make a decision to do something differently, and continue to make progress.

When you take these steps,  you will break through and things will start to move.

Oneness of Self and the Environment

We can’t stay the same and expect different results. That, I’ve been told, is the definition of insanity. Remember the Buddhist concept of ‘Oneness of Life and Its Environment’? https://margaretblaine.com/basics/oneness-of-life-and-its-environment/When we change, the environment around us changes. It happens from the inside out.


If nothing is happening and you have been chanting about an issue, run through this checklist of considerations.

  1. Are you recognizing the ideas coming to you?
  2. Are you talking yourself out of ideas?
  3. Are you taking action?
  4. Are you letting the path unfold under your feet?
  5. Are you letting fear stop you?
  6. Are you focusing on the obstacles or your goal?
  7. Are you resisting personal change?
  8. Have you familiarized yourself with the Buddhist concept of oneness of life and its environment?
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