Do You Know How You Set Up Barriers to What You Want?

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I think one of the important Buddhist concepts is the oneness of self and environment.
This means that we and our environment are not separate but rather our outer life circumstances arise from internal causes, our thoughts, and then manifest in the outer world.
. This, of course, is the complete opposite of how we are trained in our culture. As part of that training we are taught to keep our gaze fixed on problems and solutions outside of ourselves.
We hear comments like, “I can’t get a job because of the bad economy.”
When we look at the problem as being somewhere else, then we try to fix the economy or the partner, whatever it is that we think is causing the problem outside of ourselves. This is not trying to solve the problem at the cause, our own internal thinking, but rather trying to fix the effect or result of that thinking.

Your Relationship With the Universe

Lets look at our relationship with the universal mind since we are one with it, like a drop of water is one with the ocean. It’s just a matter of degree but the drop has the same characteristics as the ocean. Universal mind, creative intelligence, pure consciousness, cosmic being, the Buddha, life, the Mystic Law, whatever you want to call it, is the source of all creative energy and substance. As Daisaku Ikeda says,

“The life of a human being is a form of cosmic life action and is connected with the innermost source of cosmic being.”

We are connected with that through our Buddha nature which exists deep in the subconscious mind. We are the channel for the distribution of that energy. The conscious mind can make suggestions. Since the subconscious mind is responsive to the conscious mind, and it is one with the universal aspect in our Buddha nature, we have the power to manifest conditions and circumstances that we want in our lives through the law of the simultaneity of cause and effect.

This law says that whenever we think a thought, speak or act we are simultaneously setting a seed in our lives, a cause that will manifest in our future when the time is right. This means that our current life circumstances are the result of causes we have made in the past.

Now that we have looked at the relationship between our lives and the universe, and have seen how our circumstances are created, let’s examine how we might be setting up barriers to what we want.

Taking Down Roadblocks to What You Want

This week a question came up which is a good one, and one which most of us have at one time or another. It illustrates the conflict between how we are trained and what Buddhism teaches us about how manifestation actually works.

“Can you tell us how to chant to prevent/avoid certain situations from arising? Let’s say I don’t want to be sucked into certain tasks, but a sense of responsibility prevents me from ignoring them, how should we deal with it? Because you’ve said earlier that if we focus on what we don’t want, exactly that happens. So should we focus on the ultimate goal of living life according to my schedule, and on my terms?”

This question seems to address dealing with what other people want you to do. Now traditionally we would look at what they want and worry about it. When you worry about something and keep your focus on it then, according to the concept of oneness of self and environment, you are attracting more of what you’re worried about into your life.
Instead you could chant for clarity about the situation, as we can’t always do what we want. Listen to your inner voice about the situation. If you are clear of unwanted consequences, then chant for what you want.

Another example is when you don’t like the circumstances of your life. If you focus, dwell and repeatedly talk about those circumstances you will be creating more of what you don’t want. Let’s say the circumstance is lack of money. Instead of focusing on the lack, note it, and then chant for the amount of money you want. Let’s say its an overweight condition. Chant for your goal weight. If you are ill. Don’t dwell on the illness but focus on health.

Let’s say that in regard to a certain life circumstance, you tell yourself “It’s always been this way.” I can’t do this because of the way I am, or because of all the things I have experienced in the past, or because of an outside circumstance. Here you have set up three possible roadblocks to getting what you want. When you catch yourself thinking in this manner remind yourself that you are creating what you can’t do. Then change those inner thoughts to what you want, and see it as already accomplished.

Another way we can set up a block to our intention is through doubting that it is possible to get it. That is basically saying that the Mystic Law won’t work for you. As Daisaku Ikeda says,
“If you practice faith while doubting its effects, you will get results that are, at best, unsatisfactory.”  My Dear Friends in America, P.99

When you consider that you are one with that creative power deep inside, how could it not work for you. It always works. You are the builder. If you use it in a positive way, you will see positive results. If you’re dwelling on negative thoughts , it works to manifest negative conditions.

Pay Attention to Your Thinking

Most of us don’t really pay attention to how we are thinking, the causes we are making. Unconsciously we focus on what we don’t want, the problem we are dealing with. This is how we inadvertently end up with life circumstances we don’t want.



Paying attention to and coming to understand the subtle workings of your mind is the key. When you pay attention to your predominant thoughts, then you’ll be aware when you have fallen into negative thinking, so you can return your focus to what you want.

Steps to Getting What You Want

1. Pay attention to how you are thinking

2. If there is a circumstance in your life that you don’t want, don’t pay attention to it. Instead shift your thinking to what you do want.
3. When chanting and during the day envision what you want as already accomplished.
4. If you mind falls into negativity return it to what you want, your goal.
5. If doubts arise, don’t focus on the doubt but return your attention to what you want.
6. Keep chanting with your eyes on the end goal, until your goal is accomplished.


We talked about how the Buddhist concept of oneness of self and environment is the exact opposite of how we have been trained to think about our relationship to our environment.
Next we discussed our relationship to the universe, how we are one with the creative life energy of the universe itself. Because of this oneness our minds have the same creative energy, so we can create what we want in life through the law of the simultaneity of cause and effect.
Finally we covered the four different ways that we can set up blocks to getting what we want, and talked about how to change our thinking from negative to positive.

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