6 Things to Do If You’re Forcing Yourself to Chant

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I have received questions from some of you who are concerned with not having the motivation to chant. Here are some of them.

“How can I chant consistently when everything is an effort. How can I force myself when I’m not able to. Chanting seems too much, and even important goals- I cannot force myself.” Another talks about lethargy “ Everything feels too hard so there is no motivation to deal with any issue.”

Speaking as a former mental health professional, if the lethargy and lack of motivation permeate your life in general, these can be symptoms of suffering from depression.
If depressed, it’s going to be hard to muster up the energy to chant . Maybe some support would help – someone to chant with.


Another thought for getting off dead center is to consult with a doctor. If it is depression, there is treatment which can help restore your motivation and energy. Then you’ll once again have the energy to use the practice to address whatever has caused the depression in the first place.

Depression Has A Message For You

When I was in my mid-twenties I went through a three-year depression. Nothing seemed to touch it until my first husband took me to learn how to meditate. When I started meditation the depression disappeared as though it had never been. I had been dying for lack of spirituality in my life. If you are suffering from depression you need to discover what your depression is telling you.

Considerations When Lack of Motivation is Not Depression

1. The Spiritual Struggle

Anytime we try to expand our lives there is going to be a spiritual struggle, and internal push back. My mental health training tells us the subconscious mind doesn’t want to change quickly. It requires determined chanting work. It’s responsible for our critical life functions and maintaining our habits. It is the repository of collective consciousness and our individual identity. To get it to change, we have to keep repeating the same new thoughts and behaviors over time, weeks and sometimes months. Then one day the shift will occur. When that happens, the subconscious becomes your ally – think learning to drive. The struggle is over until the next time.

2. Change a Passive Attitude

We need to recognize that when we say I can’t achieve my goal because of this or that circumstance, that we have fallen into a passive attitude. Instead, it’s important to recognize that we need to deepen our faith in order to open a positive direction through the difficulty. So address that passive attitude. Chant to raise your life energy.

3. Use the Practice to Raise Your Life Condition

You can raise your life condition and pull yourself out of the lower worlds through chanting. We can pull ourselves out of the lower worlds into the higher ones. A member of my district who was suffering from depression, would chant until a smile broke across his face. Then he went on to start his day.

4. Be Able to Recognize Fundamental Darkness

We know that anything which tries in subtle ways to block our practice is the result of the fundamental darkness in our lives. Unfortunately, devilish functions, our negativity, does not come up and announce itself as such. Rather that negativity sneaks into our minds, when we aren’t watching. Then we’re immersed in it. We need to recognize what is happening and to chant to the Gohonzon to overcome it. Check out my video, Know the Warning signs You Are Battling Fundamental Darkness?




Fundamental darkness makes us forget the limitless power of the Gohonzon to solve problems. When we started to doubt, then our practice suffers. Fundamental darkness can obscure the fact that you have the power to change anything in your life for the better, thus turning poison into medicine.

5. Work on Mastering Your Mind

When dealing with our own negativity we must chant to call up our strong life force and then use it to overcome the negativity. This is part of the injunction, “Become the master of your mind, don’t let it master you.” Letter to the Brothers, WND p. 502. Over time, with repetition, we learn to become the master over the negative functions in our lives.

6. Suffering is a Chance to Change Your Karma

When faced with a difficult problem, it is important to remember that problems are an opportunity, and act as springboards for our growth.
All suffering arises from within one’s own life, from one’s past causes. We don’t want this to continue in the future, so regard the present moment as not only an effect of past causes, but also a cause for the future. This is your chance to change that karma, so it won’t continue to manifest in your life. Be sincere and pray in front of the Gohonzon for the understanding of what the root of your lack of motivation may be.

7. From This Day Forward

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. Commit yourself today to start moving forward to overcome your situation. Envision how you will be and feel when you have overcome your difficulty.

8. Focus on Benefit, Not Problems

You want to cultivate the spirit of appreciation so you can recognize all the benefit in your life. Have you been healthy for the last ten years? Are you having good days at work? Sometimes we overlook great benefit because we are focused only on problems. Look for the benefit in your life every day. By focusing on benefit rather than on problems, you will start to lift your life condition.

6 Steps to Handle a Lack of Motivation

1. Chant to understand the root cause of your lack of motivation.
2. Chant to recognize any fundamental darkness that may have reared its head.
3. Get support from a leader or other district members.
4. When you understand the root cause, make the commitment to chant to bring
up your life force to overcome it
5. Envision how you will be and feel when you have overcome it.
6. Take any actions necessary.


Today we discussed what to do when being lethargic and not motivated to chant. That if this attitude permeates your whole life, it might be depression. Then like any other illness a doctor can treat it.
But if it is not depression, that you have energy and motivation in the rest of your life, we discussed the following areas to consider.
Have you fallen into a passive attitude?
Raise your life condition in front of the Gohonzon
Is fundamental darkness blocking your practice?
Learn to master your mind.
Use the practice to change your karma
Keep your attention on benefit in your life, not problems.
From this Day Forward.

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  • Thee says:

    Thank you for your blogs. I find them most helpful My question relations to family and relationships. How does one chant when you have not spoken to a member of your family in over 10 years. I want this to change and have been chanting and taking action but nothing has changed. We were close when we were young, but as we grew older grew apart. Then a crisis occurred, words were spoken in anger and we stopped communicating. So how does one chant about such a situation. Or should I just accept that my sibling does not want anything to do with me or my family.

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      I would chant for the happiness of that person and for thoughts on how to approach him/her. I had a situation like that and was reading a book which gave me the exact answer I needed. When I put it into action, everything changed.

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