Know Why It’s Important to Forge Your Mind of Faith?

President Ikeda says in the  Clear Mirror Guidance, that when you chant, your mind of faith is reflected on the entire universe, as if on a clear mirror.  This means that when you chant about a concern, your mind of faith is going to influence the results you receive.

If your mind of faith is joyful and you chant with confidence and determination, the universe will reflect this state of mind in terms of good results.    

But, if you are chanting ritualistically, with complaints, disbelief and doubts, you won’t receive a lot of benefit.

Are You Aware of Your Mind of Faith?

Being aware of your mind of faith, allows you to recognize what you are doing while you are chanting. If you are fearful, and focus on problems rather than solutions, then further problems may well be the result. If you chant with doubts, disbelieving you can be successful in achieving your goal, study, get guidance and do whatever you need to do to resolve them.

Learn to be aware of what you are doing and then adjust your thinking to get better results. Focus on your desired solution, then relax and allow the universe to determine the path.

This is a subtle process, but learning to control your mind is the key to developing the mind of faith, which will produce the results you want. It will allow you to bring out the full positive potential in all situations.

 What Does ‘Learn to Control Your Mind’, Mean?

Being able to control your mind means :

  • To be able to keep your attention focused on what you want, not letting yourself dwell in doubt, fear and vivid imaginary disasters.
  • To refuse to be deluded by how things appear on the surface of life, knowing that if you stay focused and continue to chant, you can effect change.
  • To be emotionally stable through the ups and downs of life, staying focused on your goal as you wish it to be.
  • To possess the confidence that you have the same creative power as universal mind, that you can mold, influence, overcome obstacles and create expansion in your life just as that universal energy does.

An Experience

Two married practitioners, Amy and Doug, had agreed to be co-signers on their daughter, Diane’s house. All went well for several years and then both Diane and her partner, Alicia, lost their jobs. They couldn’t afford the mortgage. Without telling Amy and Doug, they stopped paying their mortgage. Everyone’s credit went downhill. When Doug and Amy checked their credit for something else eight months later, they realized there was a problem. For a while they tried to help, but soon a second mortgage was more than they could afford.

How Can We Get Them to Put the House on the Market?

Amy and Doug began to chant for ideas on what to do, as Diane and Alicia weren’t prepared to put the house on the market. Diane attempted to get an adjustment on the mortgage but it wasn’t moving forward. The bank kept asking for more and more papers and losing the ones she’d provided. The back monies kept rising month by month. If the house was foreclosed, it would mean Doug and Amy’s retirement. They felt completely powerless.

They chanted about how to get Diane and Alicia to put the house on the market.

They talked repeatedly to Diane and Alicia about getting a real estate agent. Relationships grew tense. They chanted about how to handle the house issue, and still keep the relationships positive. Then unexpectedly the bank took legal action. Doug, Amy, Diane and Alicia received papers summoning them to a court date.

 What Would It Take to Sell the House?

Seeing that the bank was getting ready to force action, Amy and Doug went to look at the house. They saw there were a number of repairs and painting that needed to be done before the house could be put on the market. The owners finally agreed that if everyone was going to get their money out of the house, it had to be put up for sale.

While chanting, Amy and Doug realized that they could take care of the repairs, the painting and the large overgrown yard, since both Alicia and Diane had significant physical problems. The family began to pull together. Doug and his oldest son did the repairs and Amy and Doug paid for the yard work and a retainer for an attorney. Then Diane’s younger brother came for a visit and he helped them weed out their belongings. A full dumpster went to the dump.

A Crisis

Amy and Doug chanted daily for a good buyer. After two months, three showed up. One was accepted. A month passed while inspectors came to look at all the systems in the house.

Their attorney told the Diane and Alicia the first court date was due to be the day after their expected closing date.

One month before the closing date, the buyers came back with another offer wanting about $30,000 worth of repairs. The sellers and Doug and Amy were under the gun.

Don’t Be Thrown by Events

Doug and Amy could have been overwhelmed and fearful facing the apparent situation – the potential loss of the buyer, repairs they couldn’t afford and a foreclosure. Instead, they had confidence, that with their chanting practice they were going to succeed.  They continued to chant while keeping their eye firmly on the goal, a smooth closing. All four sellers put their heads together and agreed to cover about $2500 in repairs . They told the buyers that they weren’t going to haggle any further, but would go to the next buyer. The counter bid was accepted.

No Money to Move

The second crisis showed up when  Diane and Alicia didn’t have the money to move. They had bad credit, three cats and two large dogs. Diane rapidly discovered that no rental company would rent to them.

Doug and Amy chanted that they would find a place to live where they would be happy.

Diane talked to her brothers about helping out with money for the move. To everyone’s surprise and relief, they agreed.

Diane and Alicia found a townhouse perfect for them despite their bad credit. The owners believed in giving second chances, a second surprise.

One day before the scheduled court date, the house was fully sold and recorded. The family got their money back from the profits made by the sale of the house.

Poison Turned Into Medicine

Poison, the threatened foreclosure, had been turned into medicine, a successful sale, and successful move, and better family relationships.

1. Be aware of what you are projecting to the universe, your mind of faith.
2. Deal with any complaints, doubts and disbelief.
3. Control your mind and emotions and stay positive, your eye on the goal, no matter what.