Do You Know You Are An Unlimited Being?

I don’t think we recognize what we are at our core. We say we have a Buddha nature, which possesses wisdom, vitality, compassion and absolute happiness. But what is the Buddha nature, really? President Toda’s realization in prison, was that that Buddha nature is life itself.

Buddha Nature is Life, Our Unlimited Higher Self

Life is that eternal, conscious, vibrating intelligence at the core of creation and is one with our Buddha nature. Scientists call it the quantum field, from which all of creation emerges. Life is creative. Life possesses the incredible power of manifestation. Since you are one with it, you have the same nature, the same spark that resides in life itself, as the wave has the same qualities as the ocean. You are spirit manifesting in a physical body. You have that same unlimited capacity to create what you want in your life.

We Don’t Believe it

At some level we don’t believe it. We have doubts, we say, “I can’t”. When we fall into that negativity we are allowing our thinking minds to disbelieve and limit our fundamental nature. In order to allow that unique spark in us to be fully expressed in the world, we need to master our minds, and stay focused and positive. This allows us to stay in alignment with it. Then the energies can flow without impediment and benefits can show up in a miraculous way. Our creative ability to manifest, and our unique path, blooms. When we fall into doubt, negativity and disbelief, our results are constricted.

Practice Makes Perfect

Fortunately, we get to practice that alignment twice a day, when we sit to chant. That is when we put ourselves in rhythm with the universe, to have oneness with that energy flow. We also need to practice it during our everyday activities by:

• Embracing rather than resisting challenges seeing them as another opportunity to become aware of what we really are.
• Seeing them as a growth opportunity, to strengthen ourselves and practice aligning with the energies of the higher self.
• Keeping focused on what we want
• Not being seduced by what ‘appears to be’ and recognizing that is just surface appearance, that we have the power to change it.
• Letting problems, the illusion go, to focus on the solution
• Staying balanced and stable when life appears to go bottoms up.

Our Training Limits Us

In order to live in alignment with our Buddha nature, our higher unlimited self, we have to reorient our minds, and overcome the training of a lifetime. That training has taught us to be realistic, in other words, limited, focus on problems, doubt our own abilities and feel unworthy.

Enlightenment is…

This is what enlightenment is all about, developing an awareness of, and a belief in the unlimited being that you are, then manifesting your unique contribution in the world

  • Ron says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been experiencing a lot of self doubt and disbelief in my abilities. Allot of anger and fear. Even though I’ve been practicing I’m even questioning that. I was recently discharged from my job a month ago which has been an emotional and financial challenge but I continued to chant, attend home groups and introduced 4 people. However the 10 worlds continue consume me. I can see clearly how critical, angry and negitive I really am. I recently received a job offer which is great, but now the challenge is how to make money to cover expenses that I have been unable to pay and survive the next few weeks.

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      I would establish what you really want. It wonderful that you have started to reflect on yourself.

  • Susan Howes says:

    I’m re-reading some of your earlier blogs, looking for inspiration for today’s planning meeting. This one is the one I needed to read again. It’s easy to forget we are unlimited, especially with the world in turmoil.

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