What Does the Life State of Buddhahood Look Like? # 2 of 2

If you are living in the life state of Buddhahood, you aren’t different from any other ordinary person. You’re like everyone in that you will continue to have your unique personality and interests and abilities. But other things will be different. You will base your life more of the time on the universal side of yourself, your greater self. In Nichiren Buddhism you tap into your Buddha nature and connect with the universal part of yourself every day when you chant.

Buddhahood is not a Final Static State

Buddhahood is not a final, static state. You establish the faith needed to advance along the path of unshakeable happiness for a while and then that faith might dim for awhile. Then you regain it once again. As time goes on and your faith in Nam-myoho-renge-kyo grows stronger, you will be able to embody the characteristics of your Buddha nature and keep advancing along the path of absolute happiness more and more of the time.

Some Characteristics of the Life State of Buddhahood

Unlock Full Potential

By chanting every day and challenging yourself to overcome your limitations, you will gradually open your life to your greatest potential and will manifest a unique, creative life that could only be lived by you. This is your mission. No one person’s mission is just like any other, and yours will use your particular way of looking things, your abilities and strengths.

An example of this is Herbie Hancock, the famous jazz musician. He is a Nichiren Buddhist. No one else does what he does in music. His way of playing and composing jazz is unique to him.

A Life State Unmoved by Life’s Ups & Downs

As you move along the path, dealing with daily life challenges and obstacles, you will forge a state of life that towers strong and unshakeable, unmoved by the ups and downs of life. You will continue to do your work in life undeterred by whatever happens.

Nichiren Daishonin, the founder of this branch of Buddhism is an example of a person unmoved by circumstances. After barely avoiding execution, he was exiled to live alone in a hut in a graveyard in the snow, for spreading his ideas on Buddhism. Rather than become depressed he sat down in that hut and did some of his finest work, writing to encourage and teach his followers. He felt he was the happiest of men.

Deep Wisdom

As you chant and connect with your universal self, you tap into the greater wisdom in your Buddha nature. As you chant each day and attune yourself to your Buddha nature, that wisdom becomes deeper and more profound and gradually you will come to see life as it is. You will be able to see deeply into people and circumstances.

Great Joy

As your state of life rises, life itself becomes an irrepressible joy. Living with such great joy, it’s natural that you will want to enable others to do the same.

Ability to Overcome Any Obstacle

After repeated experiences of overcoming obstacles you discover you can manifest whatever is needed and will never become deadlocked, resulting in a state of infinite freedom.

Herbie Hancock gives a talk about taking charge of your life in a u-tube video, Buddhism and Creativity. He says that one of the great benefits of practice is becoming the captain of your ship taking negative circumstances and turning them into something positive, turning one obstacle after another into a benefit. You will be able to manifest whatever is needed to do the work of bringing happiness to one person after another.

Buddhahood Is….

In a nutshell, Buddhahood means to bring out and embody the characteristics of your Buddha nature, deep wisdom, compassion, freedom and absolute happiness and to advance continually along the path of unshakeable happiness