Living in a Self-Motivated World

Initiative Is Required

In the last post we discussed how so much more rests on each of us now that we are so hyper-connected. We have access to enormous amounts of information. Anything can be learned or found on-line, consumer items, training, jobs, everything. And since so much is available at your fingertips you have to motivate yourself to take the training, find the job online etc. No one is looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do. Have you felt, that everything rests on you, sometimes?

Nichiren Buddhism Can Help

If you are used to having parents, teachers or employers make decisions about what you should do next, having to become self-motivated is a very different world.The practice of Buddhism is directed toward learning how to take your life into your own hands and move along the path which seems right to you. If you’re not self- motivated at the beginning, try the following:

  • Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with the goal to become a self-motivated person.
  • Start setting goals and chant for them. Setting goals is an excellent practice for becoming self-motivated. Just setting a goal means you have made a decision to move your life forward in some way.
  • Then take whatever actions which come to you regarding your goal.

Kick Fears to the Curb

A lot of what we have to do in this unfamiliar world requires the courage to step out into the unknown. This is where many people stop and procrastinate. Usually it is because of fear.

Afraid or not, when you chant about a goal or an issue, gather yourself and step forward, you will find the path appearing under your feet and discover there was nothing to fear.

How do you find the courage to do this?

Just sit in front of your Gohonzon or find a focal point on the wall if you don’t have a Gohonzon. Then chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo over and over. You will connect with the level of Buddhahood in your life. You all have it – that strong, compassionate, wise inner core, your Buddha nature.

One of the characteristics of your Buddha Nature, is courage. When you chant you can bring that courage out into your life and fear ebbs away. Take the feared action right away, while you still feel courageous. The fear may return. After all it is familiar. Then, the next day, chant again. Chant, then take action, day after day. It may take some time to overcome a fear for good but it will happen.

Before long you will have had the experience several times, of overcoming your fear, and then successfully taking the feared action. With repetition, fears that have bothered you begin to seem unimportant. Fear disappears, when you chant, then follow up with action.

At that point, a shift occurs in your life. Any fear that comes up becomes just a fear, something to step through. For example let’s say you are afraid to reach out and call someone. Chant until you feel more courageous and then quickly make the call. Next time you will have less fear and as you take the feared action again and again, you will find the fear disappearing. Before long you’ll find you are building a strong character which can handle any fear that comes up.

Gain Wisdom and Life Force

Life Force

Plenty of energy is needed to live a life, where just about everything rests on you. If you don’t have much energy, it is difficult to summon up what you need to handle all the responsibilities of daily life. When you tap your Buddha nature on a regular basis, you can access its tremendous life force and build your life energy.


A deep wisdom is another characteristic of your Buddha Nature. Activate it by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with a goal in mind. More and more of the time, you will find that somehow you can see what step is right and conversely how to avoid problems.


To handle fears:

  • Set Goals
  • Chant
  • Take action
  • Repeat as Necessary

Training for the 21st Century

Nichiren Buddhism is perfect training for the 21st century, a world where so much rests on you.  It builds the self-motivation, courage, life force and wisdom necessary to live in a self motivated world.

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What experience have you had with this?  Have you ever chanted and found your fears disappearing?

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