• Wayne says:

    Thanks Margaret , its so easy to think that reality is fixed and external when you are living from your Karmic conditioning . It’s only after coming through this that it is clearer that reality is but a reflection of our inner state . Through chanting it seems to take less and less time to realise this 🙂 I have fallen in the emotion pit many times. Your videos help 🙂

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      Hi Wayne,
      I agree that falling into the emotional pits happens less and less as you continue to chant.
      Glad the videos are useful.

      • Crystal says:

        Not quite sure what you mean by “reality is but a reflection of our inner state.” I know many ppl who have amazing lives by my standard at least and are nasty, mean, devoid of compassion and caring. Others who actually fell happy when putting others down, makin others miserable. Then others who are kind, gentle, caring, and compassionate but who live in poverty etc. So have is this explained if reality is but a reflection of our internal state.

  • Bonnie says:

    I like “no one can control you without our permission”
    Powerful–wish I had lived by this in the past, but “From this moment forward” is a wonderful mind-state to be in
    Keep em coming Margaret! I appreciate you !

  • Crystal says:

    Margaret I would be interested in a blog on the process of chanting itself. I have many questions about the process. For example, how does one chant sonorously? What does that sound like? From online discussions, there seems to be no standard to the chanting process. I complete gongyo (listening to you tube), state my goal out loud but while chanting my mind wanders. While chanting, I sit, stare at a blank wall and repeat nam myoho renge kyo. I try to chant for a total of an hour a day but have chanted for a total of 2 to 3. When chanting for example a 1 hour total, does one have to chant the hour in one sitting or can you subdivide it into four 15 minute sessions? To date I have not had any inspiration as to actions or first step to take toward accomplishment of my goal. As such I am wondering if I am completing the process correctly. Because of my solitary existence, I tend to chant alone with little support so it can be quite difficult.

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