The Secret to the Successful Realization of Your Goals

I’m going to discuss something which you may never have considered as a powerful way to realize a goal. I hope you’ll keep an open mind, knowing that anything I say you can prove to yourself through your own experience.

I’m talking about a different sort of prayer.

A Different Sort of Prayer

Prayer in Nichiren Buddhism is quite different from prayer in traditional religions. Prayer as commonly understood in the West is directed to a omniscient, powerful, deity outside of the person praying. The believer then becomes a supplicant, asking for something from a higher being.

Nichiren Buddhists believe that that universal energy resides within each person, within the core of their being, called the Buddha Nature. Buddhists know from experience that it is possible to tap that universal energy by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. When you chant you fuse your life with it and you can bring out the deep wisdom and compassion and vitality of that life force to use in daily activity.

How it Works

A practitioner sits down to chant and sets a determination, a goal, an expression of something he wants to happen in his life. Prayer is a way to give expression to his deepest most powerful internal wishes, which he formulates as goals. He offers prayers with great faith and confidence in the invisible realm that this determination will come about. Then he chants to manifest it.

The practitioner isn’t a beggar but is taking hold of the direction of his life and moving it forward. He has learned from experience, that although prayers are invisible, when combined with action, they will effect clear, practical, concrete results in his life and environment over time. He knows to chant until he achieves his goal, never giving up.

One Step at a Time

His prayer as he chants becomes a dialogue, an exchange with the universe. As he prays for his intention he will find a response from the universe. Maybe an idea will come or a connection that moves him forward towards his goal. He might chant for the next step or to overcome some anxiety or fear that would stop him from moving forward. In this way a practitioner will take steps forward using the practice. Through this connection, the practitioner can manifest what he needs in ways he could never have imagined.

This the secret to the successful realization of goals as proven by 12 million practitioners worldwide. It’s also a marvelous adventure.