How Some People Find Great Answers to Problems And Others Don’t

Do you have a problem which seems unsolvable? Have you felt as though you’ve been beating your head against a stone wall? No matter how long and hard you think about it, you don’t see an answer? We’ve all had this experience when using the intellect alone and trying to find a good strategy to solve the problem. You can encounter an impasse  and not know how to find a way around it.

Try Something New: Chant and Leave the Impasse Behind

You can break out of  such a  dead-end by chanting. When you chant you tap into the universal life energy and wisdom, which is within you and in everything other thing. Then you can attract the answers you need.

Tap into the Ocean of Wisdom    Majestic mountain lake in Canada.

The intellect, clever as it is, is like a shallow lake compared to what happens when you chant. When you chant, you tap into a deep ocean of wisdom. Far broader and more complete answers will come to you about your problem. I hear practitioners say over and over that they are regularly surprised by the way chanting gives them a more holistic, profound view of their situations. They are amazed how unexpected answers show up that they could never have imagined.

You Have an Overview

One practitioner describes it this way. When you tap into the ocean of wisdom, it’s like sitting high up in the bleachers and looking down on the action on the football field. When you’re in the middle of the play, it’s hard to see where the action should go next. When you sit high above it, you can easily see next steps.

You’ll Know How to Create Value

Wisdom shows you the direction to take to create value in any circumstance and how to shift everything in the direction of happiness. As Nichiren Daishonin, the founder of this branch of Buddhism says in a letter to one of his followers, “…. when the sun of wisdom arise in our lives, the correct path is illuminated.” Learning from the Gosho, p. 43.

If your circumstances have been gradually spiraling downward, try chanting about your problem. You will find that whole downward spiral will be redirected and start moving in an upward direction.

See How it Works       Label With Copy Space

If you’d like to see how the practice would work in your life, read my book Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness. In it, I show you how a young woman named Nancy was taught to use the practice in her life and what happened to her. The book shows you the steps to learning to use the chant in your own life so that you can find really great answers to any problems.