Why Do Nichiren Buddhists Set goals?

Setting goals and chanting for them is an unusual aspect of Nichiren Buddhism. In this post I am going to explain why setting goals is an important part of the practice.

The Three Proofs

Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th century monk, and founder of this branch of Buddhism, established three different for criteria for evaluating any Buddhist practice. These are documentary proof, theoretical proof and actual proof.

  • Documentary Proof

When Nichiren talks about documentary proof, he means that whatever is said is documented the Shakyamuni Buddha’s sutras. in Nichiren Daishonin’s Collected Writings, the scriptural foundation of this branch of Buddhism The searchable, collected works can be found online.

  • Theoretical Proof

Theoretical proof means that the practice must accord with reason and logic and also needs to be grounded in the essential spirit of Buddhism which protects the right of each person to reveal their full potential as a human being and fulfill their mission in the world.

  • Actual Proof

Actual proof means that if you practice the teaching, the results promised will become evident in your life and in your environment. The quality of your life will improve and you will come to live a life of value to your society and community.

Religion affects more than just the spiritual part of life. Our spirituality and our daily lives are intertwined tightly together, one reflecting the other.

Why We Chant for goals

If you chant for something specific, and get it, then you will have actual proof that the practice works. This is compelling and makes you want to chant every day. Many people who practice will tell you that they wouldn’t consider skipping chanting, whether they feel like it or not. Life just works so much better.

After you’ve chanted for a while and proved the practice to yourself, then you can chant with or without goals. Chanting always will enhance the quality of your life but if you need something specific to happen, then chanting for a goal is a good practice.

Try Setting A Goal

Why don’t you try setting a goal and chanting for it for 90 days? If it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose but what if it does………….

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