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How Do I Handle My Fear of the Pandemic?

 We are dealing with a difficult time and difficult times are part of the human journey. Such times are potent with possibilities. We can either choose to grow and discover a larger version of ourselves, or we can fall into fear, choose to contract and retreat into being a victim of the situation. It […]

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Differences Between Chanting and Meditation

Many of you have come from different kinds of spiritual practices many of which have included some form of meditation. A frequent question is, “How is chanting different from meditation?” Since I have only tried one form of meditation, and there are many, I am going to describe the chanting practice and you can compare […]

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9 Reasons to Practice Nichiren Buddhism: Put Your Life on Track

Why Should I Practice? As someone new, haven’t you wondered why people want to practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism? I’ve been asked this often enough that I’d like to give an answer here. I was told we practice Buddhism to become enlightened, but that always seemed rather abstract to me. I’m going to share with you […]

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