You Are a Buddha

Inside each of you is an Enlightened level of life. At your core exists a beautiful, radiant self, embodying unshakeable happiness, a deep wisdom, compassion, unlimited freedom and enormous vitality. It is called your Buddha Nature.
The goal of Buddhism is to bring out the qualities of your Buddha Nature, so you can embody them and live them in everyday life. A person who does this is a Buddha.

The Caged Bird

caged birfBefore you discover your Buddha Nature, you are in the position of a caged bird that doesn’t know it can fly away to freedom, if the door of its cage were opened. If the bird remains inside when the cage door is opened, it doesn‘t believe it can fly. Once the bird realizes what it can do with its wings, the cage will disappear.
The cage is not to be taken as a physical cage. It represents the bird’s limited beliefs.

Some Limited Beliefs

When you haven’t yet discovered your unlimited potential, you feel that you have restrictions just like the caged bird who doesn’t realize it can fly out of the door. What does your cage look like?
Do you believe the outer environment or other people control what you can do?

  •  I can’t get a job because of the bad economy
  • It’s impossible to get my college degree
  •   I can’t do it because my husband, mother, says I can’t.
  •   I’ll never get my dream: I’m settling for….
  •  You have to be realistic

You are not a slave to your environment. You create your life and circumstances from the inside, out. It’s this illusion that keeps you from sustaining indestructible happiness.

Liberate Your Buddha Nature    Caged Bird freed

The key to the liberation of your Buddha Nature from within is to chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo with strong confidence that you have this supreme potential.
When you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo you can tap into your Buddha Nature and bring out its qualities to use in everyday life.

Darkness Versus Light

Faced with difficult problems and obstacles, it is be difficult to do this. When faced with a challenge that appears unsurmountable, it is easy to disbelieve our true potential. Our Buddhist practice is an ongoing battle to overcome this darkness.
Through setting goals, chanting for them and taking the steps to overcome the challenges and obstacles they represent, you come to understand one step at a time that you actually possess this unlimited potential. You are a Buddha.

Listen and Try The Chant

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