10 Steps to Overcoming Illness

Some of you are suffering from illness and have asked me to discuss it.  So in this video we are going to cover the causes of illnesses and how to deal with it from a Buddhist perspective.

In Living Buddhism, September 2015, p. 55. “Illness teaches us many things. We become more compassionate. It makes us look death in the face and think about the meaning of life. It makes us realize how precious life is. It’s all just a passageway leading us upward to a more elevated life. It is a learning experience. And for those to base themselves on the Mystic Law, everything becomes energy for creating happiness, fuel for self-improvement.”

Causes of Illness

Imbalances in life style

According to Buddhist philosophy there are different causes of illness. Some come from the current lifetime. They include the disharmony of the four elements. Improper eating or drinking. Poor posture. Attacks by demons, which means attacks on the body from the outside by virus or bacteria or stress. Basically these illnesses are caused by an unbalanced way of life, which makes us susceptable to illness. The diseases in this group can usually be treated by doctors, who rely on drugs and technology.

Buddhism views disease as a reflection of the total body system and seeks to cure it both through medical treatment, as well as adjustments in the person’s life style and outlook. Buddhism brings a spiritual approach. as well. When we chant and make connection with the Mystic Law, we unleash new life force from within as well as puts ourselves in rhythm with the universe, which harmonizes our spiritual and physical functions.

Due to Karmic Effects

There are other diseases which come from karmic effects. These can be more difficult to cure than correcting an unbalanced way of life and may require changing one’s karma.

Mobilize Your Will

In order to change our karma we need to have a strong will.

If shocked or discouraged by a difficult diagnosis, our strength of will goes down and with it the ability to mobilize one’s inherent healing forces. But if, when faced with a bad diagnosis you elect to fight the illness you are more likely to mobililize those internal healing forces.

Doubts and disbelief in the power of daimoku can also lower our strength of will, so it is important to deal with doubts through study or guidance. When we have questions, as to whether we can deal with an illness or whether our prayers will be effective, we are setting up barriers in our lives with our own limited thinking. We also set up barriers when we decide that something isn’t possible. Be open to the possibility of anything happening.

To strengthen your will, reflect deeply on why you want to live and how you want to contribute.

Overcome any feelings of confusion and doubt by asking questions and study in order to be able to offer whole-hearted prayer with the strongest possible determination and focus. Don’t be afraid to challenge the Mystic Law. This is a practice where we can do this and create absolute proof. Ikeda would say that to have a break-through practice, we need to base that prayer on our vow, our determination to bring others to enlightenment.

Someone might ask. How can prayer effect a physical thing? When you consider our minds have the capacity to create what we want using the natural laws of the universe, then it is less mysterious. We do it all the time. That’s why according to oneness of self and the environment, ”We all walk around with our personal universe extending from the inner depths of our hearts outward to all the phenomena f our surroundings.” World Tribune 7/21/03.

According to quantum theory, when we put our attention on something, the quantum dust, instead of being a wave, fixes into being a particle. This is done through intention – a thought changing a physical thing.  From “You Are the Universe

To look at it from a scientific approach, a different point of view from our Buddhist training, read “What The Bleep do We Know?”. The authors are saying that mentally we can take quantum particles and actualize them into what we want. There is a manifestation process that science is more fully recognizing as time goes on, that we embody the spirit, the consciousness that organizes the physical realm in our experience. It is not a god outside of us – we are it. This, of course, is exactly what Buddhism has been teaching for almost three thousand years.

“Real health is the will to overcome every form of adversity and use even the worst circumstances for new growth and development”. Ikedaquotes.org

This kind of will power comes from confidence in our existence and a strong sense of purpose and responsibility to this world.

“To experience illness is not in itself misfortune, but to be defeated by illness is misfortune.“ Ikedaquotes.org.

How do we deal with doubts?  Read the promises. From reply to Kyo’o.
“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?”

Or from On Prayer, WND, Vol 1, p.345,
“And yet though one might point at the earth and miss it, though one might bind up the sky, though the tides might cease to ebb and flow and the sun rise in the west, it would never comeabout that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus sutra would go unanswered.”

From Reply to Kyo’o,
“This sutra, the Lotus Sutra, can fulfill their desires as a clear cool pond can satisfy all those who are thirsty. They will enjoy peace and security in their present existence and good circumstancesin future existences.” WND, Vol 1, p.412

There are also many experiences in the World Tribune and on the website,www.SGI-USa.org/ study where practitioners have successfully overcome illness. If they can do it, so can you.


1. There are illnesses that arise from imbalances in our lifestyle and there are illness that arise from karmic effects.
2. The first can usually be handled by doctors and medicines and technology and by chanting to increase your life force.
3.  Do what your doctors tell you.
4. The illness that come from karmic effects are harder to cure and will require a strong will and concentrated spiritual practice.
5. Reflect on your life, why you want to live and the contribution you want to make.
6. Do what your doctors tell you.
7. Resolve all doubts and disbelief. Ask questions, get guidance, and study.
8. Read the promises and experiences for encouragement.
9. To change karma, chant to eliminate all past causes and resolve to change anything needed to dissolve this karma.
10. Get district support

1.How Can I change My Limited Thinking? https://wp.me/p3V1J9-10s
2. Difficult Family Karma? How to Change It https://wp.me/p3V1J9-ZD This is focused on
family karma but the steps to change family karma also apply to illness
3. There is an expanded discussion on physical and mental illnesses in Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death, Chapt 3, Illness and the Medicine of Buddhism

Script download: sickness


I want to thank those of you who have volunteered to be interviewed. I will get to all of you within the week.

Many of you like examples of people’s experiences to illustrate a point or concept. I am going to need more of them. If you have an experience which I could use under a different name, I’d appreciate your emailing it to me at margaret@margaretblaine.com. Please show what your situation was like before, how you used your practice to change the situation and what it was like after.

See you in two weeks.

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  • Teresa says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for sharing the WND and Ikeda Sensei’s guidance. The voice does the Buddha’s work and I’ve bought your 2 books recently via Amazon even after practising for 31 years since my teenage.

    Over the years, I’ve received many good fortune and seen actual proof.

    Even recently with some health issue – chanted for my surgeon to have a strong life force to perform the surgery at 5pm (late in the day) as he has an earlier surgery at 3.30pm. Conspicuous benefit – clinic called 2 days before the surgery that it has been brought forward to 3.30pm.

    Chanted for thorough biopsy test to be done despite doctor shared that it will do 2 tests. Eventually pathologist advised doctor to do a more thorough test. Another Conspicuous benefit.

    Still awaiting for my final test results.

    Continue to do my best on human revolution and as an actual proof for shakubuku.

    “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?”

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      Hi Theresa,
      You’ve had some great victories here. I hope the books help with your teenager. Your Path teaches the basics and how we use and bring people into the practice through a story, an easy read.

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