How to Solve Your Problem in 9 Steps

Can you solve all of your problems with this practice?
The short answer, is yes.

When facing problems, it’s hard to appreciate the things we have or the challenges we are facing. In order to break through this cycle of misery and negativity by chanting diligently with a positive goal in mind, we can strengthen our awareness of the vast internal power we have within us. When we think the problems are bigger than we are, it is because fundamental darkness is obscuring our awareness of our connection with the Mystic Law.

Pray earnestly and with determination that you are going to break through this negativity. As we say in this practice – you chant to turn poison into medicine, to turn a negative situation into something of value.

This is why experienced practitioners well tell you “ Congratulations, you have something to chant about.” They know from personal experience that encountering problems is an opportunity to strengthen your faith and to have the marvelous experience of seeing that negative situation turn into a positive one.
Remember you have the Buddha nature within – that wisdom, compassion, immense vitality and happiness which lies at the core of your life. Your Buddha nature is your connection with the universe, with the Mystic Law. When you tap it you have conscious access to the wisdom and source of ideas which will give you direction in overcoming your problem. You are never deadlocked when you chant. Practitioners say that when they chant about something, they get better ideas than they could come up with themselves.

The Steps Forward

How do you do this? Set a positive goal, however you want this situation to turn out. See it as done.




Chant with determination that you are going to overcome this. Resolve never to give up until you achieve your goal. If it is a serious, or life-threatening problem, problem, you may need to chant longer, sometimes a lot longer, than usual.

Don’t dwell on your fears. When you notice a fear has come up, turn your attention back to what you want – your end goal. You may have to do this many times a day.

Pay Attention to Ideas You Receive

When you chant with determination to challenge your problem, the universe will provide you with ideas on how to move forward. Don’t dismiss these or try to talk yourself out of them. Ideas might come to you while you are chanting or may who up during the day through someone else.

Pay attention to your quiet inner knowing. It will nudge you to do one thing or another. Pay attention. That quiet little voice is the voice of the universe, guiding you.
Our practice exists to allow us to overcome our sufferings and become happy. Through the power of daimoku, the greater our sufferings the greater the happiness on the other side, when we overcome our challenge.

Take Action

When you get an idea, then act on it and take the step recommended. Don’t worry if you can’t see your way through to the goal. You probably will only see one or two steps at a time. As Daisaku Ikeda says,
“Prayer is the foundation. But at the same time, if we fail to make concrete efforts, no matter how much daimoku we chant, our prayers will not be answered. Buddhism is reason. If we just chant without doing any work, we cannot succeed in our jobs.”

Hang in there every day, and continue to chant for your goal, until it is achieved.

Depending on the goal, some variables may have to be addressed before it can be achieved. Some of these might include internal changes which might be holding you back, for example, fears or doubts that you can do it. Or there might be other circumstances which might have to shift before you can achieve your goal. If it’s a job, perhaps you have skills that must be learned before you can fill the position or perhaps someone else has to leave the position before it becomes available. We don’t know what these might be. Our job is to keep chanting, be persistent and patient, take the steps forward that appear, and never give up. As Daisaku Ikeda
“When struggling with various problems, it is vital that you chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and advance somehow, even if its only one or two inches.” Discussions with Youth , p. 5.

Trust the Invisible Mystic Law

One of the hardest things to do is not to be taken in by what appears to be happening on the visible surface of life and instead trusting the invisible power of the Mystic Law. This is
particularly hard if you are getting to close to the time frame where you need to achieve your goal and you don’t think you see it happening. Many times goals come about on the day before or the day of the deadline so don’t get discouraged.

Also don’t set a certain way to resolve the issue. Keep an open mind. The path may unfold in a way you haven’t even considered. If you have decided it can only be achieved in one way, you might not see what is happening right in front of you.

What we Project Comes Back to Us

We project our life state to the universe and attract back to ourselves what we are projecting. So you want to project gratitude for what you have and your challenges. Write down each day what you are grateful for, or write a letter of appreciation to a person to whom you feel indebted. As you increase appreciation in your life, you will attract more things from the universe, for which to be grateful and appreciative.


Today we addressed a question, “Can you solve all your problems with the practice?”
The answer is yes when you take the following steps.
1. Set a positive goal. See it as done.
2. Set a determination that you are going to achieve this goal no matter what.
3. Listen for next steps.
4. Don’t dismiss ideas or talk yourself out of them.
5. Take action when get an idea or a nudge from that quiet little voice.
6. Set fears and doubts aside and refocus on the vision of your completed goal.
7. Be open to anything that might happen.
8. Be grateful for what you have.
9. Keep chanting until you achieve your goal.

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    Thank you for the video. I really appreciate it. I enjoy listening to you. I started practising Nichren’s Buddhism in 2016 and never looked back since then. The best thing I enjoy listening to your vlogs/videos is that you explain things in simple language and you share examples. I do contact my area leader and other senior leaders to get guidance sometimes but I am glad that I encountered your you tube channel. Obviously, like many people I have goals and difficulties in my life. However, my main focus is to deepen my faith and strengthen my practice.

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