Are You chanting While Focusing on Obstacles or the End goal?

When chanting for a goal, we often focus on the obstacles to reaching it. This happens because we are worried about them, or they seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, when we chant while focusing on the obstacles, we are inadvertently using the law of cause and effect to produce what we don’t want.

Set the Seed Cause for the Effect You Want to Create

Remember the concept of 3000 realms in a single moment of life? President Ikeda says,

“In accordance with the 3000 realms in a moment of life, pessimistic thoughts or feelings take form just as they are, producing negative results. People who have negative thoughts create effects for themselves  that perfectly match their thinking.” (Faith into Action p.10)

On the other hand, optimistic people with positive thoughts create results that match their thinking.

I imagine you want to create what you want, not what you fear. So when you sit down to chant, determine to focus on the positive end result – what you want to have happen.

Often we start off chanting with good intentions, focusing on what we want, and then find ourselves looking at the fear or obstacle. When you become aware your focus has changed, just refocus on your desired end.

Faith is Trusting the Mystic Law

You might say, “I don’t know how I am ever going to get to my goal if I don’t try to work out the way to get there.” As strange as it may seem, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to get there. Your responsibility is to chant with the desired end in mind. The universe will work out the path. You just want to follow and take action on the ideas and prompts which come to you.

The path will unfold under your feet as you take action on the steps that come to you. You’ll only be able to see a limited distance at any given time but, once you take these steps, then you will be able to see the next short way. This partnership with the universe is both exhilarating and exciting.

Pull Your Mind out of the Abyss

How are you thinking about your situation during the day? Are you allowing your attention to fall into the abyss of what you fear? When you become aware of what you are doing, refocus your mind on what you want to see happen, your end goal. You may have to do this fifty times a day. At the beginning this is difficult. You are establishing a new habit. I promise you, it will get easier.

Harnessing the law of the 3000 realms to work for us, rather than inadvertently against us, is a major step in the successful realization of goals.

5 Steps to Successful Goal Realization

1. When you sit down to chant, set your goal, the end result you want to see.
2. If you find yourself focusing on the obstacles, refocus your attention on the end result
you want.
3. During the day if you find yourself dwelling on the obstacles and fears, refocus on the
end result you want to create.
4. Take action on the steps and prompts you receive.
5. Keep on keeping on until you achieve your goal.