How are You Chanting, With Faith or Trying to Force a Result?

When you are chanting for a goal, are you chanting with great intensity trying to force it to happen? Or are you chanting with faith that once you set the goal the universe will provide the path to achieving it?

What does Trying to Force a Goal Look Like?

When a person tries to force a goal to happen he/she chants with great intensity as though it were possible to make the goal happen through will power alone.

What is Chanting With Faith?

When you chant with faith, you don’t try to force anything. Instead, you set the end goal, make a determination you are going to do anything you need to make it happen, but then trust the universe to supply the path. Setting the end goal initiates the process. You’ve let the positive forces of the universe know what you want. The universe responds by giving you the steps of the path. Then you take action on those steps. The universe, in turn, supplies the hidden connections needed to make your goal happen.

3 Things to Consider

Am I Listening to Ideas that Come?

Chanting with great intensity, can interfere with the steps needed to achieve the goal. If you’ve been chanting this way ask yourself, “Am I listening to the ideas that come to me, or am I so focused on the goal I don’t pay attention to anything else?” If you’re not listening, you’ll be unable to recognize the steps being provided by the universe.

Am I Taking Action?

If you are trying to force a goal, ask yourself, “Am I taking action on the ideas that come to me or do I think I will achieve the goal through chanting alone?” As President Ikeda says in Faith into Action, p. 88,  if we fail to make concrete efforts our prayers won’t be answered.

If you’re not taking action, you are preventing the universe from making the needed connections to further your goal. The goal has to be worked out in the material world, through steps taken on the ground.

Am I Willing to Make Personal Changes?

If trying to force a goal, ask yourself  whether you are willing to make the changes in yourself required to achieve this goal.  It is in taking action that you will discover the personal changes needed. For example:

  • Are you chanting but not taking action?
  • Do you pull back at the idea of taking a certain action that makes you feel uncomfortable?
  •  Are you afraid to step out on your own away from the group?
  •  Is there a skill you need to learn before you can move forward?
  • Do you need to become stronger before you can achieve your goal?Individuality symbol and independent thinker concept and new leadership concept or individuality as a group of pigeon birds on a wire with one individual bird in the opposite direction as a business icon for new innovative thinking.

How to Chant With Faith

  1. Set the end goal and  chant with faith that the steps to achieving it will show up.
  2. Listen to ideas that come to you.
  3. Take action on those ideas.
  4. Be willing to make the necessary personal changes.
  5. Enjoy the result
  • Sherri says:

    My query is how does one chant when u know that there are no actions you can take to bring ur goal to fruitition. I have a goal that I want to happen, one dear to my heart. But it is all up to other ppl: in all reality there is absolutely nothing I can do

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      I would definitely chant with your end goal in mind. And then maybe chant to be able to see if there is any action you might take to further your goal.
      It is more difficult when someone else has to do something, as you are finding out. I hope your goal works out for you.

  • Sherri says:


    This for your reply. I have done as you suggested but still no ideas/actions I can take come to me. Maybe this is a useless endeavour and I should just stop
    Chanting. Is chanting just for those situations one can actually do something about? Perhaps when a situation is like mine, (impossible since there is no action i can take to have this desire occur) chanting is a futile activity!

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