Are You Sure You’re Chanting For What You Really Want?

I hear stories where people are chanting for a goal but not getting what they really want.  Without even realizing it, they might be chanting for what they don’t want. In this post I want to discuss four reasons why this happens.

1. You Don’t Believe Your Goal Is Possible

Let’s say you have a major challenge. You may not be chanting for what you really want, because down deep inside, you don’t believe its possible. As long as you believe it isn’t possible, you will be right. It won’t be.

“When your determination changes, everything will begin to move in the direction you desire. The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fiber in your being will immediately orient itself  towards your success. On the other hand, if you think, “This is never going to work out,” then at that instant every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight. Then everything really will move in the direction of failure.” Daisaku Ikeda, Faith into Action

How can you create a goal that you can believe is possible?

  • Create an opening by chanting for a positive resolution to your situation, while visualizing how the end goal looks.
  • Try chanting for just the first step.
An Experience

I have a friend who had been slammed with bills for thousands of dollars. Her home needed major repairs and then her husband had some legal bills. She started to chant to be able to cover her bills. Before long she was able to cover them, but there was nothing extra after the bills were paid. She began to think that chanting wasn’t working. Then in a meeting she heard, “Be careful what you chant for.”

She started to look carefully at how she had been chanting. She had been chanting to cover her bills. She realized chanting had worked. They were no longer overwhelmed with debt and were just covering their bills. Her results were giving her feedback, showing her exactly what she chanted for. But, her results weren’t what she really wanted. She really wanted to have extra money so she and her husband could have some sense of financial ease.

She changed the way she was chanting. She started chanting for extra money to come in over and above the bills. She had absolutely no idea how that would come about but she was open that it could happen. One day, two weeks after she changed the way she was chanting, she received a letter from her mother. To her astonishment a $13,000 check was inside.

This is a perfect example of why we need to be careful about what we are chanting for. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are not chanting for what we really want.

2. You Can’t See the Path

Another reason you might not be chanting for what you want, is because you can‘t see how its going to happen. Here is where faith comes in.  You have connected to the universe. There may be many ways to your goal that you’ve never even considered. Chant with the end in mind, seeing your goal as completed. Then be open as to how it might come about.

If you have determined that your goal can only come about one way, you could be hampering the functioning of the universe, Maybe another path might be better. It is your job to set the goal. It is the job of the universe to work out a way to get there.

3. You Believe Circumstances Outside Yourself Control the Outcome

We are trained by society to believe that outside circumstances control what we can achieve, the economy, another person, etc. This is the exact opposite of what Buddhism teaches, that the locus of control is within us and outside circumstances change as we change ourselves. I want to address this with a personal experience.

An Experience

My husband and I bought our house and were involved in a major remodel. Midway through, we discovered we were living next to a house and inhabitants that were less than desirable. The house was owned by an absentee landlord. We watched him put a roof over dry rot. It was clear. He was going to permit the building to deteriorate. His renters were a group of people, who were not going to keep up the property either, a student nurse and an alcoholic carpenter and his wife. We wanted a positive situation next door.

I decided to chant for a positive resolution to the problem. I used to laugh that it would take an explosion for that situation to change. I couldn’t see how it would happen, but I had faith that if I continued to chant, seeing it as done, that it would eventually come about.

I chanted for six months before anything overtly occurred. Then the alcoholic carpenter came running over in a panic. “I’ve paid my rent. I’m subletting from the nursing student. He has taken it all and gone to Vegas. The landlord is coming in two days and he is furious!”

The landlord did arrive in a rage, and pressured anyone involved with the house for his rent money.

A day after the landlord came, the nursing student returned. For nine months the tenants had been trying to get the landlord to repair a dangerous wiring system. The upstairs windows were stuck shut and the renters were afraid of fire. Upon the advice of his aunt, a real estate attorney, he had put the rent in an escrow account until the repairs were made.

When the landlord continued to hassle the tenants, the nursing student got a restraining order. It forbade the landlord to come around anyone involved with his house. Now we had the landlord sitting at the end of the street by our house glaring at the nursing student playing his guitar on his front steps. I kept chanting that there would be a positive resolution to this situation.

We heard the landlord decided to take the tenants to court. The nursing student paid for a house inspection. The inspector listed everything wrong with the house. It was much worse than we had realized. When they all arrived in court, the landlord’s attorney advised him not to go to court because he would have to fix everything wrong with the house before he could rent it. There appeared to be a stand-off. I continued to chant, while a couple of months passed. Then all the renters left. Everything was quiet.

One day a contractor’s van rolled into the driveway. Scott had bought the house and spent six productive months fixing everything wrong with it. He sold it to someone who has been a good neighbor and has since taken care of the house.

In my wildest imagination, I could never have foreseen what would happen to fulfill my goal. It taught me that it is an illusion to believe you can’t influence a situation. When you connect with the Mystic Law, things that seem impossible, become possible.

You can put it to the test. Set a goal that is a stretch and then chant for it keeping your end goal in mind whenever you think about it. Refuse to let yourself dwell on anything else, except what you want. And see it as already accomplished. Since you are changing a habit you may have to do this over and over. But if you follow through, I’m sure you will be surprised. I was.

4. You Can Only See the Problems to Achieving Your Goal

Sometimes you don’t chant for a goal because you can only focus on the reasons it can’t get done.  We are taught to address the problems we can see. We are not taught by society that they are the results of hidden causes, that are invisible.

When you chant you are working with the causes, the invisible  thoughts and goals which will produce future results. Imagine your future end in mind as already accomplished. You must be willing to realign yourself with what you want and turn your attention away from dwelling on anything to the contrary. When we dwell on the negative, that is what manifests. When we dwell on the positive outcome, that is what manifests. We are connected and one with the creative power of the universe. You want to use it on purpose.

Do you think the telephone was created because Alexander Bell thought it couldn’t be done. It was invented because he saw it as done and then kept working towards that end. He held his end goal, the picture of the telephone, in his imagination. The imagination is what allows us to co-create with the universe. Use your imagination to produce your desires, not sink them.
Don’t worry about the rest.

Then have faith. Faith means learning to trust your universal connection to work out your end goal out as you have imagined it.


1. Chant for a positive resolution to your situation visualizing the end goal as already accomplished.
2. Use your imagination to visualize it in detail.
3. Make sure, if doubts arise, that you refocus on your goal as accomplished. This can happen many times a day.
4. Keep chanting and have faith the universe will work it out.

  • Sherri says:

    How do you visualize your end goal as already accomplished?? If your goal is say car or house, something concrete, yes I can see that being visualized. But what about if your end goal is abstract for example, getting the pension you should be getting. Or being reunited with a family member you are estranged from for years. How does one visualize these end goals?

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      I would envision depositing the pension check or having a reconciliation with the estranged friend. You re envisioning what you want as tho it has happened or is happening.
      Hope that helps.

  • Margaret Blaine says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I would chant for the happiness of your friend. These circumstances would have to change for her to be happy wouldn’t they?

  • Kalua says:

    I loved this article and related to the neighbor’s story very much and have a similar situation. I will begin chanting about it tonight. I realize that this is an old post but I actually had a question about returning to SGI after I have returned my gohonzon. I had plenty of doubts and was new to the practice. My husband didn’t like it and we are in the bible belt. Now I miss my practice and wish that I had never left it. Is it too late or damaged?

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