Get the Results in Life You Want

Do you feel sometimes that the results you get in your life aren’t what you expected?  And, you don’t know why?  When this happens its almost as though we are living by accident rather than on purpose.

What if you knew how to make use of one of the Buddhist laws, the simultaneity of cause and effect to create your future on purpose and not by accident? This is what I will be addressing in my video blog, below.


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  • Ronald says:

    Hi this really hits the nail on the head because I’m experiencing the same thing. I’m working a job that’s really boring and doesn’t pay enough but at the time I had to take it because I had been let go from a job in February and had no income for 6 weeks. Now I’m in the job for 3 months and doesn’t seem like a good fit. My productivity is low and I can’t wait for the day to end. I also recently started an online business and I’m following the instructions and duplicating the system but I’m not getting the same results as what others are experiencing. I have goals I’m chanting for but during the day I’m thinking about how broke I am and how I’m going to pay this bill and that bill and why isn’t this or that working. I’ve been saying affirmations, but can’t seem to stay focused my mind is constantly bouncing everywhere on different concerns and worries. I know I need to resolve this. What cause can I change. When I think about looking for another job it just feels like a burden, plus I’ve had so many jobs in the past 2 years. I’m concerned about what other employers will think. Sorry for the rant and I know I need to change something in my being because how I’m living now isn’t working.

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      What’s important is that you do the very best you can in the job you have. Make a point of it. Attitude can make a lot of difference in opportunities. See for an experience like yours and how she shifted what was happening.

      If your goal is to have a comfortable income, whenever those negative thoughts come up, turn your attention to seeing yourself comfortably paying your bills with extra to spare. The thoughts we dwell on are causes. You want to create what you want not what you don’t want. You may have to do this 50 times as day but doing this along with a positive goal will make all the difference.
      Hope it goes well,

      • Ron says:

        Thanks this really helped and the article in the post seems similar to my situation. What I’d like to know is how to right a written goal. For example. Do I start with I’m determined to or I pray for a resolution. Can you point me to the material to study to for what was discussed in the article. Thanks Ron

        • Margaret Blaine says:

          Just write down what you want the resolution of your goal to look like. for example when we were remodeling our house, I saw it as completed. If you had a goal to lose weight you’d set your goal weight. Just set the intention, what your goal will look like when you get it, when you sit down to chant. You can find information in Buddhism Day by Day, p. 2127, In the Dictionary of Buddhism on the simultaneity of cause and effect and by reading about the ten factors.

          • Ron says:

            Thank you so much I went to the Dictionary and read the ten factors and it clarified allot. Just reading it shifted my perspective and I discovered my life tendency as anger. I will change this into medicine.

            With Gratitude

          • Margaret Blaine says:

            Great. I’m glad you found what you needed.

  • Catherine says:

    Please explain what you mean when you say “Start by chanting about your issue.” I have been estranged from my only sibling and his family for a decade. I was very very angry at their behaviour while a parent was dying. Chanting helped me overcome my anger at both them and myself and made me realize I do love them and want them in my life. I took action but nothing came from it. We are still estranged, not speaking. So how do I chant about this issue. In short, what do I do??

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      If it were me, I would chat for a positive resolution to this situation and envision your family happy together. Then see if ideas come to you about steps you might take. If they do, take action then and you will see the next step. Sometimes we have to walk the path not seeing where we are going. But keep chanting with your end goal in mind.
      Take a look at my last post Are You sure You Are chanting for What You really Want? It might address an issues, such as seeing these circumstances as being controlled by someone else.

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